A Florida alcohol rehab group meeting.Who checks into a Florida alcohol rehab facility? Clients characteristically realize that they need to cut down on their drinking. Some feel guilty about trying to hide it from loved ones, or they caught themselves having a drink before work. For most people with a dependence on alcohol, rehab is the solution when they cannot control their drinking anymore.

Binge Drinking and the Risk of Developing an Alcohol Use Disorder

An alcohol use disorder is a multi-faceted condition. In the vernacular, most folks associate problem drinking only with alcoholism. This presumption is not always a fact. Therapists in a typical Florida alcohol rehab facility see plenty of patients who worry about their continued binge drinking.

Experts define bingeing on alcohol as consuming five drinks, four for women, in a two-hour period. The sudden influx of the substance may cause the body to react with intoxication. It can also depress the part of the brain that handles sound reasoning. Subsequently, you might decide to drink more and engage in other unsafe behaviors.

Binge drinking is not necessarily a sign that you have an alcohol use disorder. That said, most everyone who checks into a Florida alcohol rehab facility started with occasional binges. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that about 17.2 percent of people engage in drinking binges. Typically, folks imbibe 6.8 drinks during a binge.

Identifying an Excellent Florida Alcohol Rehab Facility

If you think that you might benefit from a stay at a Florida alcohol rehab facility, today is the day. Finding one that meets all your needs is instrumental for success. But do you know what you need to look for? Those searching for help typically start by looking into separate alcohol rehab for men and women. Gender specific treatment programs are more comfortable as you embark on a new type of life.

What else should you look for when you have an alcohol addiction problem?

  • Partnership with a top-rated detox facility. The critical moment in your recovery is the time between detox and rehab. A program that partners with a detoxification facility can ensure that there is no lag for you. The transition is immediate.
  • Custom-tailored men’s program. Men suffering from an alcohol use disorder do best in an environment that focuses on healthy confrontations. It must be safe, allow for accountability, and emphasize respect.
  • Specialized women’s program. In contrast, women need peer support, sensitivity, and security. They thrive in a nurturing environment where they feel heard. This outcome is not something mixed-gender therapy groups typically offer.
  • Executive alcohol rehab. For the professional who could lose a livelihood if word got out about a drinking problem, there is an executive track. It lets business folks pursue recovery without having to leave work for an inpatient or residential program. The treatment path also helps you identify specific triggers that play a fundamental role in your alcohol use disorder.
  • Addiction treatment for students. Young adults, too, fall victim to alcohol dependence. If you’re a parent or young adult, a Florida alcohol rehab facility that offers a separate student track is ideal. Helping you overcome addiction but also reintegrating into the student lifestyle is a major component of the program.

Help is Right Around the Corner

Trust a Florida alcohol rehab program that can assist you with binge drinking or a more advanced alcohol use disorder. Programs offering primary, extended, and outpatient care, transitional living, and family counseling are best. Come to Jacksonville and visit Beaches Recovery for a look around. Better yet, don’t give addiction a prolonged foothold but call 866-605-0532 and set up your treatment today!