Beaches Recovery encourages clients who want alcohol, drug, and mental health rehabilitation to consider outpatient rehab programs. Studies have shown that continuing treatment past the initial residential treatment dramatically increases the chances at lasting sobriety.

This level of care also works well for those who cannot be away from home, work, or school, but still want sobriety and continuing addiction recovery.

Flexible Outpatient Rehab Treatment

Dedicating your valuable time to outpatient rehab is a tough decision. To make our service as convenient as possible, we offer flexible scheduling, an individualized treatment plan, and broad availability. If you’re juggling a hectic schedule, our outpatient rehab service can easily fit into your busy lifestyle. Scheduling treatment and therapy around your life makes this program valuable for those who cannot leave their obligations to someone else.

As a leading outpatient drug rehab provider, we utilize only the most effective and modern techniques for our treatment plans. Beaches Recovery focuses on equipping you with positive coping skills for addiction so you can maintain long-term sobriety. In addition, we offer a caring and supportive environment where you can thrive and achieve personal growth.

Beaches Recovery Offers Multiple Levels of Care

The outpatient drug rehab program at Beaches Recovery is one of the most popular options for addiction recovery. But this program is one of many methods of treatment at Beaches. Other levels of care in Jacksonville include:

Knowing which level to choose for your treatment plays an essential role in your future sobriety. You need treatment that suits your individual needs, as determined through your addiction assessment. Beaches Recovery provides this assessment and reveals how an outpatient drug rehab program in Jacksonville FL meets those needs.

Great program. I received excellent individual and group therapy. I enjoyed the recreational activities like surfing, camping, and running on the beach. The doctors, therapists, and staff were all very helpful, personable, and non-judgmental.


How Does an Outpatient Drug Rehab Program Differ from IOP?

You likely know that residential rehab is the program where you live at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville while undergoing treatment. That program provides the greatest focus on your recovery needs. It also protects you from outside triggers, temptations, and the stress of home.

But if you do not need the intensity of that level of care, an outpatient drug rehab program or IOP possibly provides a better fit. So what are the differences between IOP and an outpatient drug rehab program?

Intensive outpatient treatment is, as the name suggests, more “intensive.” Beaches’ IOP involves more therapy hours and time spent working on recovery at your treatment location. Your outpatient drug rehab program in Jacksonville FL participation involves fewer hours of treatment, but also at Beaches Recovery with the same quality of care.

For both IOP and OP, you return home at night to your family. You sleep at home and spend certain days each week attending therapy and treatment. So both IOP and OP cost less than a residential program. Still, IOP treatment involves longer days of addiction counseling and possibly more days per week, than OP.

Another major differentiator between an intensive outpatient and outpatient drug rehab program option is that of maintaining your regular job, school schedule and home life. For people with restrictive responsibilities, a higher level of care may not be the right fit. In OP treatment, you maintain regular or only slightly-altered work and school schedules. This means the difference between keeping your job in Jacksonville, keeping up with school work, and meeting your family needs, versus not being able to do that in other programs.



Individualized Treatment Planning Holds the Keys to Your Best Fit

Our individualized treatment planning helps you work out which program best suits your requirements. Regardless of whether you enter an outpatient drug rehab program or another level of care, you receive quality therapies. The therapies and addiction treatment services at Beaches Recovery include:

Our location is central to many major cities in Northern Florida, making commuting easy. We are also State of Florida Certified with the Department of Drug and Alcohol. Starting a personalized recovery plan is just a phone call away. Contact Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 and learn if outpatient rehab is the right fit for your addiction treatment.