Struggling with the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction brings a great deal of unmanageability to a person’s life, and many health issues frequently come with addiction. If you’re experiencing medical issues as a result of your addiction, a Partial Hospitalization Program for addiction treatment can help you on the road to recovery. Beaches Recovery has a Partial Hospitalization Program for addiction treatment that can also help anyone who is having extended withdrawal symptoms or post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

Why Choose a Florida Partial Hospitalization Program?

Before addiction treatment can begin, most addicts need to go through some type of detox. After months and possibly years of drinking or using in excess, the body becomes highly dependent, and it takes some time for it to return to normal.

Once the initial stages of detox are complete, some of the symptoms of withdrawal can linger. The symptoms may include aches, pains, nausea and more, but with the help of a Partial Hospitalization Program for addiction treatment, you’ll get the care that you need while you begin the rehabilitation process.

This is also beneficial for anyone who is taking any type of detox medications that have to be tapered off over time. The medical staff at the Partial Hospitalization Program for addiction treatment will be there to ensure that these medications are decreased properly.

Going through an Addiction Treatment Program

Although your physical health is very important, addiction treatment is about looking at your mental health through various types of therapy. Some addicts suffer from a dual diagnosis, which means they have a mental health disorder along with their addiction. A dual diagnosis or past trauma can be some of the main reasons why a person continues to drink or use, so you’ll be going through individual therapy to take a look at these issues so you can learn how to overcome them.

Along with individual sessions, you’ll also go through group therapy with other people who are trying to recover from addiction. Beaches Recovery understands that peer support is extremely important, and it’s encouraged that you build relationships with others in recovery so you can have a strong support group when you discharge. These are the people who you can rely on in your recovery when you’re having a rough day, and they’ll be relying on you too. By the time you leave the facility, you’ll have an assortment of tools that you can use to help you prevent relapse in the future.

A Partial Hospitalization Program for addiction treatment in Florida may be the right thing for you or your loved one. Call Beaches Recovery today at 866-605-0532 for more information.