You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “rock bottom.” In the past, many addiction professionals believed someone addicted to drugs or alcohol needed to hit rock bottom for effective treatment. That meant they needed to feel like treatment was their only option, besides death and complete material loss. But now, experts understand the benefits of early intervention services.

Who Needs an Early Intervention Services Center?

Young man talking with counselor during early intervention servicesEarly intervention services rehab provides help for people abusing substances, but not yet addicted. In other words, their path is leading to addiction if they do not stop using drugs or alcohol. You know someone like this. We all do.

Someone abusing alcohol strictly to get drunk, instead of exercising healthy limits when drinking, needs an early intervention center. The same is true of someone drinking to relax on a routine basis. You see their bad patterns but feel powerless to help them stop.

The same holds true for someone abusing drugs on a routine basis or using drugs to get through tough times. Instead of using positive life and coping skills, they use their drug of choice. Few of these people see or admit their problem early on. Most deny a problem and say they only use their substances once in awhile, just like everyone else.

The common thread in people needing early intervention services is they do not respect limits or self-control when using their substances. Either they use too often, binge on their substances or both. What is “too often” varies according to the chosen substance.

For example, drinking cocktails once in a while is okay for most adults. But using heroin or meth once in a while indicates a serious problem that needs early intervention services. The same is true for binge drinking every weekend, mixing alcohol and prescription medication or using cocaine on multiple occasions.

How Early Intervention Services Help

Early intervention center staff recognizes a potential for forming a substance abuse problem before the destruction of addiction actually sets in. In other words, you get help before you lose everything. Delaying this help means physical, mental and emotional addiction problems for the person abusing the substances. At the same time, the growing addiction causes issues for loved ones dealing with the substance abuse.

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse reported that for every two dollars of American money going toward early intervention services, more than 96 dollars get spent on the consequences of addiction.

This ratio applies well to your situation. You will spend some dollars helping someone enroll at an early intervention center. But you save many dollars that would have been paid treating addiction, likely meaning multiple rehab attempts. You also save their life from the destruction of addiction, including damage caused to careers, home life, relationships, reputation, finances and even freedom.

Addiction always leads to destruction. So what is better? Do you let the destruction happen first, or gain the help of early intervention services now?

Do Early Intervention Services Work?

Early intervention takes place anytime after you realize your loved one abuses drugs or alcohol. If you see signs of addiction, you need immediate help from a quality rehab center. The sooner you get this help, the better.

Succeeding in the early intervention of your loved one requires knowing signs of addiction. These signs vary according to which substance they abuse. You also need to show your concern, be honest with the person you love and help them get the help they need.

Early signs of physical dependence or addiction include:

  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Appearance and hygiene changes
  • Lack of money or increased spending on drugs or alcohol
  • Job loss or school problems
  • Suspicious or secretive behaviors

Helping Your Loved One Get the Right Treatment

Regardless of their stage of substance abuse or addiction, Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida provides the help you need. Caring professionals offer early intervention services for your loved one’s substance abuse. You also gain an addiction assessment, to help the professionals at Beaches Recovery understand which program suits his or her needs best.

The programs at Beaches Recovery include:

Goals of treatment include stopping the substance abuse and giving your loved one the best chance of a sober future. Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532 for the early intervention services center you’re looking for. It is never too early to end substance abuse. Now is the time to call.