If you live in North Carolina and seek alcohol addiction treatment far from home, you may want to consider Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL. We open our doors to clients from all over the country and beyond. Our staff understands that some people choose to keep their recovery private. If you are deciding if alcohol rehab in Florida is the best choice for you, we would be happy to provide more information on our programs.

woman standing in alcohol rehab groupHow Alcohol Rehab Helps You Break Free of Alcoholism

When you drink alcohol, your brain makes chemicals that elevate your mood. This activates the brain’s reward center, which makes you want to consume more alcohol. That’s how simple it is for addiction to begin.

Even worse, your brain starts depending on alcohol to function normally. Fortunately, your brain is flexible and can rewire itself following a safe detox program. Your brain, however, does not forget how much it liked alcohol. The organ that directs every move you make continues to crave alcohol.

When your brain punishes you for not drinking, you suffer from withdrawal. At Beaches Recovery, we can help you make the transition back to sobriety by teaching your brain how to function normally again.

Detox Before Alcohol Addiction Treatment

An effective detox center can help you emerge safely from withdrawal symptoms. Whether you travel to Beaches Recovery from North Carolina or elsewhere, our accredited alcohol rehab provides an excellent opportunity to achieve long-lasting sobriety. Discover a rehab program with traditional addiction therapies and holistic approaches that blend mindfulness and science to help you take back control of your life.

As you know, you have an intelligent brain. When it comes to addiction, you can’t always trust your thoughts and emotions to guide you. By focusing on nutrition and exercise and group and individual therapy sessions, you help your brain learn to make good decisions again.

Everyone reacts to detox and recovery in different ways. Some lucky clients can leave detox and never drink again. Others require a little more help. That’s why we offer comprehensive alcohol rehab services in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sober Living Program

What is a sober living program? It’s a structured program to help those with alcohol abuse disorders to remain sober after finishing an alcohol addiction treatment program.

Accountability includes drug testing to ensure that you remain on the correct path. The sober living program also has group and individual therapy sessions to provide support during your transition back to everyday life.

Beaches Recovery 0ffers this program to clients who finish a 30- to a 90-day recovery program. Whether you decide to continue your education or get a job, we can provide helpful tools that make it easier to transition to real-world living after rehabilitation.

Housing at Beaches Recovery

Whether you’re coming from North Carolina or the local community here in Jacksonville, you will appreciate the beautiful apartments our residential clients enjoy. Enjoy Florida’s sunny weather and our community’s beach access.

You can take a virtual tour and learn more about daily living at Beaches Recovery. Spacious living quarters and nutritious meals are just two of the perks of your stay at our community in Jacksonville, FL.

You can make connections here to support your battle with alcohol use disorder. Through group sessions, you can help others struggling with their recovery and learn from those who have successfully made the transition to productive living.

What to Expect From Life at Beaches Recovery

Learn to develop healthy routines instead of returning to a life of alcoholism and uncertainty. Here is an example of what your day might look like in our Jacksonville community:

  • Meditation or another mindfulness exercise
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Group therapy
  • Activity-based on your recovery plan
  • Nutritious lunch
  • Individual therapy
  • Exercise
  • Balanced Dinner
  • Meeting with a support group
  • Individual or group activities

Comprehensive Alcohol Rehab for North Carolina Clients

Although you may come to Beaches Recovery from another state, we will welcome you into our family with open arms. Call us at 866.605.0532 today to sign up for alcohol rehab and recovery services in Jacksonville, FL.