An executive drug detox center is the first step toward a life of recovery for any business person who is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction. As an executive, it’s even more difficult to understand that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs because the disease of addiction is already making you rationalize your excess drinking or using.

When you’re a successful business person, it’s easy to think that everything is OK because you’re still making money and paying your bills. Often, you probably have thought that the last thing you need is an executive drug detox center. The reality is that you don’t have to be broke or homeless to be an addict. Those who need addiction treatment and the services of an executive drug detox center are those who have lost the power of choice when it comes to alcohol or drugs.

Why Start at an Executive Drug Detox Center?

Detox is the highest level of care for anyone who is on the road toward trying to get sober. For executives, it’s important that your privacy is valued, which is what you’ll get with a discreet executive drug detox center.

Here, you can go through the detoxification process to help minimize the symptoms of withdrawal as well as the cravings. all the while you’re assured that your privacy is respected. You’ll be able to go through a medical or holistic detox process, and each one is designed to help you be both safe and comfortable while the substances you were abusing leave your system.

Going Through a Discreet Executive Treatment Program

As with detox, your entire treatment program will be extremely discreet. All addicts who are looking to recover value their privacy, but executives naturally have particular reasons for this. While you’re in treatment at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, you’ll be with other executives who understand the value of privacy. This is also extremely beneficial because you’ll see that you’re not the only one who is struggling with drugs or alcohol in your realm. Addiction is a powerful mental illness that doesn’t discriminate, so it’s important that you see that there are others who understand what you’re going through, and you’ll quickly learn that you can rely on them for support.

At Beaches Recovery, you’ll go through different types of group therapy sessions with other executives. This is where you’ll be educated about the disease of addiction, and you’ll work on building relationships with one another. Through individual therapy sessions, you can talk about your personal history with substance abuse in a safe environment with someone who understands the disease of addiction. From here, you’ll be offered practical suggestions as to how you can live a new life free of mind-altering substances for good.

If you’re looking for discreet treatment in an executive drug detox center, you need to look no further than Tides Edge Detox at Beaches Recovery. Call us today at 866.605.0532 to start your private and lasting journey towards sobriety.