At Beaches Recovery, we strive to provide our clients with the very best experience possible. When you learn about our clients, you may see just how important it is for you to take a step towards obtaining your sobriety in a comprehensive, dedicated location. It does not matter what walk of life you are coming from or what you have been through to this point. We can help you find the right way forward to build the future you desire.

What You Should Know About Our Clients

woman smiling at the beach learning about Beaches Recovery clientsMany things make Beaches Recovery unique. That may include our luxury treatment center that is warm and welcoming. It could also be that our team is always working to offer the most comprehensive treatment programs for our clients. It may also be that our team strives to make getting drug and alcohol treatment away from home as easy but as effective as possible. Yet, when it comes to learning about our clients, we strive for excellence.

Our clients come from all over to find addiction recovery at our rehab centers with beautiful beach views. Clients find a peaceful place to get away from addiction triggers and focus on healing. In fact, individuals come from in and out of state for the following programs:

Care Designed for Your Needs

There are many things to know about our clients. For example, many of these men and women come from around the country, not just the Jacksonville area. They come to our treatment program for its cutting-edge programs and innovative solutions. Many of our clients are also committed to getting the best level of care for their futures. We aim to provide that.

To do so, we offer unique programs designed to meet their special needs. This includes programs such as:

No matter where you are in your journey towards healing, we know about our clients and their needs. That is why we have created unique programs to tackle what brought you to this place with discretion. You can trust our team to give you the insight you need to heal without having to worry about running into someone you know.

Cutting Edge Care you Can Count On

Our Jacksonville treatment center is designed for your best opportunity to move forward. This location is comfortable with a home-like feel. You are welcome here, and you feel it. You will get to work with other people facing the same struggles as you are. As you learn more about our clients, you will also find yourself creating strong bonds with people who are experiencing the same thoughts and concerns as you are. We aim to empower you to move beyond this.

Explore a New Future Through Exceptional Programs

To help our clients to have their best outcome, we provide a range of unique tools to guide and support you. We want to ensure you have access to the type of care that is going to work to help you break your addiction, but also care that is interesting and enjoyable. We offer programs that include holistic therapy.

You will also work with us on our evidence-based treatment plans. That includes therapies such as dialectical behavior therapy, EMDR therapy, and mindfulness training. It is a combination of all of these components that can help to create the healing you need and deserve. When you see our clients, you may recognize yourself in them.

Explore the Care Options Available to You at Beaches Recovery

When you learn about our clients, you may see that this is the ideal place for you to spend some time. With a wide range of treatment programs and a compassionate team of counselors, Beaches Recovery is working to improve your life outcome. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you. Call 866.605.0532 for the help you need.