Can Magellan Health Insurance help you pay for rehab?

The answer is a definitive, “Yes.” Beginning in 2012, health insurance providers were directed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to start covering addiction treatment costs the same way they would other types of medical treatments. For its customers, providing addiction treatment with Magellan insurance gives addicts the opportunity to seek addiction treatment without the requisite financial burden. Since coverage benefits vary based on medical plan, Magellan policyholders are encouraged to have their coverage levels verified prior to entering a treatment program.

About Magellan Health

While many of the leading health insurance providers focus on standard medical and dental costs, Magellan Health has established itself as a health care management company with a unique focus on behavioral care and specialty coverage for costs related to radiology and specialty pharmaceuticals. Under the addiction treatment with Magellan insurance area, the company covers more than 31.3 million members. Along with its 41 specialty health plans, the company also handles Medicaid insurance programs in 25 states, bringing the total number of members to more than 54 million.

Florida Rehab Provide Addiction Treatment With Magellan Insurance

In the state of Florida, there is a number of reputable drug and alcohol rehab facilities that provide addiction treatment with Magellan insurance. One such facility is Beaches Recovery. Not only do we accept Magellan Health, but we also control costs by offering intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization treatment programs instead of costly inpatient treatment. With a wide range of therapy tools from which to choose, we have the flexibility to tailor treatment plans for our patients in an effort offer real hope to addicts who are living under the cloud of drug abuse.

Residential Addiction Treatment with Magellan Insurance

For Magellan policyholders, there are multiple types of rehabilitative programs that their insurance may cover. Establishment of medical need is the key to this coverage, with an initial addiction assessment aiding in determination of the right type of program for the individual patient. When you or your loved one may want to enter addiction treatment with Magellan insurance, your insurance provider will work with the rehab facility to determine which type of program is best suited to your medical need.

Residential addiction treatment is much like an inpatient rehab program, in that patients are housed at the facility or on a campus in safe, secure and supervised living quarters. This environment provides patients with a long history of substance abuse or those with higher risk for relapse or abandonment of treatment with the serenity of knowing that they are in a closed program and must adhere to established rules.

Residential rehab also helps patients with dual diagnosis gain their footing in medication management of their co-occurring condition. Regardless of the reasons why residential treatment is considered best after the addiction assessment establishes medical need, the environment is conducive to focused, stress-free and distraction-free rehabilitation from addiction.

Residential addiction treatment patients do not maintain off-site work schedules or school attendance while in treatment. This is a big differentiator from outpatient programs. When in residential addiction treatment with Magellan insurance, your insurance provider is affording you an unparalleled opportunity to focus 100 percent on gaining recovery and learning how to remain sober for your lifetime.

Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment with Magellan Insurance

Another form of addiction treatment with Magellan insurance is partial hospitalization treatment (PHP). PHP is similar to inpatient rehab, in that patients are housed in a hospital setting where their personal medical needs can be monitored. However, PHP patients are able to leave their hospital environment to take part in therapies like group therapy, individual counseling, holistic therapies and other events associated with outpatient rehab at Beaches Recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment with Magellan Insurance

Intensive outpatient (IOP) addiction treatment with Magellan insurance is one step down from residential treatment, in regard to freedoms of daily living. As part of an IOP rehab program, patients live independently in recovery residences among peers in the local community.

A major benefit of IOP treatment is in being able to rebuild life skills in performance of independent living tasks such as housekeeping, cooking, grocery shopping and other chores. In doing so, patients are able to prepare for life back at home in their own community after rehab ends.

Patients of IOP also gain daily exposure to common triggers and temptations of substance abuse while they are still being guided, educated and supported by the rehab program. In this exposure, patients can test their coping skills and learn more about their own capabilities and limitations toward recovery, in the process.

Despite living freely among peers in the community, IOP patients attend a rigorous schedule of individual counseling, group therapies, holistic therapies and other programs designed to educate, inform and strengthen patients in recovery. IOP may be a follow up to residential or PHP programs.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment with Magellan Insurance

Outpatient addiction treatment is one step farther away from restrictions and closer to personal freedoms, versus IOP treatment. As part of outpatient addiction rehab, patients live at home or in the community near Beaches Recovery and pursue their own schedule of work, school or other personal responsibilities. According to a more flexible schedule, these patients attend a minimum number of counseling sessions and therapies, such as group therapy, each week. Outpatient addiction treatment may be a follow up to residential or PHP programs.

Aftercare Programs for Magellan Patients

Magellan patients of Beaches Recovery, like others, enjoy the benefits of aftercare programs that help patients transition smoothly back into their home communities, independent living and day-to-day responsibilities. Aftercare provides rehabilitated patients in early recovery, the support and guidance they need to ensure relapse does not occur. Aftercare may include sober living, assistance in finding 12-step programs or individual counseling, peer events, family therapy or other programs suited to individual need through discharge planning.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab is a Lifeline

Drug and alcohol addiction is an insidious disease. It leaves addicts feeling devastated and hopeless. Although some people think they can beat addiction on their own, it’s professional rehab facilities like Beaches Recovery that provide the only consistent and reliable way to combat addiction. They provide a lifeline when nothing else seems to work. With the proper treatment plan, patients have a real opportunity to gain important knowledge and learn how to use newly learned life skills to combat their addiction.

If you have reached a point in your life where you want your life back after extended periods of drug and/or alcohol abuse, you can count on the clinicians at Beaches Recovery to give you the help you so desperately need. With your commitment to recovery, there’s every reasonable chance you can begin a recovery process that will last a lifetime. Call Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 and let’s get started.