According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), over 19.5 million women used illicit drugs in 2016. A further 8.4 million women misused prescription drugs. Unfortunately, a large majority of them end up developing a severe substance abuse problem. Thankfully, finding a women’s drug addiction rehab program in Jacksonville, Florida, can help.

Why Enroll in a Women’s Rehab Program?

There are tons of rehab centers all over Jacksonville that offer drug programs for men and women. Why is it so crucial for women to choose a facility that focuses on addiction help for women? The truth is that women and men have different needs when it comes to addiction recovery. For this reason, a cocaine rehab center for women, for example, should be different from one for men.

However, women can still visit a rehab center that offers treatment for both sexes. They just have to make sure that the facility provides gender-specific treatment. A Jacksonville rehab center that offers gender-specific treatment creates plans that address the individual needs of its clients. The result is a much more streamlined approach that delivers the help that people need to overcome addiction quickly.

A women’s drug addiction rehab program simply focuses on the needs of women and their challenges in recovery. For example, a prescription opioid rehab center for women concentrates solely on helping women fight prescription opioid addiction. In addition, a Jacksonville facility can help them overcome multiple drugs.

Why Look for a Women’s Rehab Center in Jacksonville, FL?

With rehab centers all over the country, why should someone get rehab in Jacksonville? In truth, a women’s addiction treatment center in this area has a lot more to offer than standard rehab practices. For example, in Jacksonville, a meth rehab center for women will provide both traditional and holistic treatment options. Many of the holistic services have to do with spending time outside.

It’s crucial for a women’s rehab program to include recreational activities as a supplement to traditional therapy. In fact, a Jacksonville rehab center uses recreational activities as holistic therapies. Examples of some of these options include:

One thing that all of these activities have in common is that women can do them outside. Once again, that’s a benefit of seeking treatment at a women’s rehab center in Jacksonville, FL. This city is perfect for getting the most out of rehab while enjoying some fun in the sun.

You Want a Safe and Secure Women’s Rehab Center

Beaches women’s rehab center fosters learning from the experiences of other women in a secure setting. Our gender responsive group therapy and peer recovery provide a warm place that includes women-only housing and therapy. Our single-gender format allows us to address issues such as trauma, grief, sexual abuse, and body image sensitively and appropriately in a safe and secure location.

The Benefits of a Women’s Rehab Program

Addiction seems to have different ramifications for each gender. For women, it may feel like more of a moral issue. For men, it’s more about the ego and standing in society. It may not be fair, but women are often seen as morally bankrupt if they become victims of drug abuse. The negative assumption is women may engage in questionable acts to support their habit. The such as child neglect, crime or even prostitution. True or not, that’s the kind of judgment women face.

A women’s rehab center makes sense when those are society’s perceptions. Females are less likely to judge one another, making for a much more comfortable treatment environment. Beyond providing a healthy environment, the other benefits of rehab for women only includes:

  • The opportunity for the women’s rehab center to focus resources on specific addiction treatment programs they design for women
  • Escape from the potential sexual tension one might find in coed rehab programs
  • The opportunity for women to share common experiences and emotions, forming a “sisterhood”
  • An environment where women will be much more likely to open up and talk about personal issues and pressures
  • A women’s rehab center gets an opportunity to focus on physical and mental health issues unique to women

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

When women search for a women’s rehab center in Florida, they should choose a location that offers cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). In fact, CBT is an integral part of an effective treatment plan. The main idea behind it is that negative thoughts lead to negative behaviors. The goal is to change these thoughts to eliminate bad behaviors.

Many women’s addiction counseling programs start with CBT, which is just a form of psychotherapy. During each session, women talk about their thoughts, fears, and emotions. From that information, therapists put together a pattern of negative thinking. They might even look for impossible or inaccurate thought patterns.

For example, let’s say that someone enrolls in women’s alcohol rehab in Jacksonville. As part of the women’s addiction counseling, she enters a CBT program. During a session, the therapist learns that she often drinks because she thinks that everyone in the world hates her. The therapist might point out how that belief is illogical because she couldn’t possibly know everyone in the world.

While this is just an example of a women’s rehab program, it paints a picture. Many of the negative thought patterns that people with addiction have are illogical. For that reason, addiction help for both women and men typically starts with CBT.

Dealing With Trauma

When women look for a women’s rehab program, it’s also a good idea that it focuses on trauma. Most women don’t wake up one day and say, “I want to have an addiction.” No, the addiction is typically the outcome of an underlying problem. A good women’s rehab center in Jacksonville, FL, helps them get to the bottom of that underlying issue.

Many times, the cause of addiction relates to an underlying mental disorder. Such conditions often develop as a result of trauma. A good women’s heroin rehab center in Jacksonville focuses on healing this trauma. This approach is the only way to provide addiction help for women that works for the long haul.

The majority of people experience trauma in some form during their lives. Sometimes, the brain fails to process the trauma correctly. When this happens, it’s essential for people to seek trauma therapy. When they don’t, they end up trying to self-medicate with drugs, which eventually transforms into an addiction.

A women’s rehab program can heal the trauma. Beaches Recovery’s women’s rehab center might refer to it as getting to the root cause of the addiction. Uncovering the source is vital to avoiding relapse after treatment.

How a Women’s Rehab Program Makes a Difference

If there’s one thing we have learned about providing drug and alcohol rehab for women, it’s that it’s necessary. Without a women’s drug and alcohol addiction rehab program, some women might avoid getting help. That’s just not an acceptable alternative.

Let’s face it, addiction affects men and women very differently, both physically and mentally. Rehab for women is able to go right to the very core of that notion. Women who wouldn’t otherwise seek help do in fact check-in, knowing they will get specialized, gender-specific care. It’s this specialized care that seems to produce the best results.

At Beaches Recovery of Jacksonville, Florida, we offer that care. Similar benefits also pertain to men, who have just as many unique problems as women. In today’s addiction treatment community, there’s a need to provide the kind of custom care women receive at rehab for women only.

More About Beaches Recovery

A women’s drug addiction rehab program offers an inviting environment that includes gender-specific housing and therapy. At Beaches, we strive to meet the individualized needs of our clients, providing a peaceful and comfortable space for spiritual and emotional growth. In order to provide the optimal environment for recovery, we have created gender-specific programming that allows women to experience treatment in safe and loving surroundings.

As an elite treatment center, Beaches Recovery provides a high level of treatment and care. As such, our facility operates under accreditation from the Joint Commission. Along with our gender-specific treatment programs, we also offer a complete menu of custom treatment options. The list includes:

As a woman, you have special addiction treatment needs. Beaches Recovery is proud to offer a gender-specific womens rehab program. Don’t waste your time on a rehab center that doesn’t take your gender-specific needs into account. Rely on Beaches Recovery when you need a women’s rehab program in Jacksonville. Reach out to us today at 866.605.0532 to enter one of our rehab programs for women. You don’t have to worry about an intimidating treatment process. As part of our treatment philosophy, we will develop a treatment program that points you right to recovery.