Everyone comes to recovery from different paths. The important thing is that you are here and ready to heal from addiction. You’ve got you!

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Why Choose Tides Edge Recovery?

For someone with complicated or long-standing addiction issues, Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge may be the best place to begin your recovery process. Also, if you have other medical or mental health disorders that complicate detox, Tides Edge Detox Center is the best treatment option for you. Here’s what you need to know about Tides Edge Detox:

Quality Certification

Tides Edge Detox received accreditation from The Joint Commission (TJC). This accreditation results from an investigation by outside medical experts and provides an impartial ranking of our quality of care and treatments for drug abuse. The Joint Commission standards exceed the most rigorous quality standards in healthcare.

TJC Accreditation demonstrates to our clients and staff our ongoing commitment to safe and high-quality care and treatment. It promotes a culture of excellence within our organization. TJC Accreditation is also recognized by select insurers that look to keep costs in check.

Something as seemingly simple as infection-control procedures, like hand hygiene and environment of care, are just a few of the critical standards that set Tides Edge Detox apart from non-TJC accredited facilities.

Medical Supervision

Patient treatment and care is conducted and supervised by medical personnel, including physicians and nurses. Patients are monitored on a 24-hour basis. All our medical personnel are experienced in addiction medicine.

Medically Assisted Treatment

Some patients’ uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms are lessened by medication, which we are licensed to use when necessary. In certain cases, withdrawal symptoms are dangerous to patients’ health, and medication is required to maintain patient safety and overall wellbeing.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Another important quality about Tides Edge Detox treatment plan and care is that it’s tailored to your specific needs. This includes intensive individual and group therapies. The length of care depends on the severity of symptoms and the needs of the patient. Following an individualized treatment plan creates a solid foundation for successful recovery.

Multi-faceted Services

In addition to medical detox, Tides Edge Detox offers individual, group and holistic therapies. Our compassionate care is led by Masters-level experienced addiction therapists. Since we know that addiction is a family disease, we also offer family therapy to facilitate healing to the entire family unit.

Group and individual therapy include:

Insurance Coverage

Tides Edge Detox accepts most health insurance coverage so that financial worries about treatment are minimized. This provides patients, and their families, with the necessary space to focus on healing.


Located in a secure and secluded environment, Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge provides patients with the utmost privacy as you go through detox and treatment.

What is Medical Detox?

Whether you are detoxing from chemical substances, such as opiates, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, or from alcohol, medical detox methods and compassionate care are what is first-rate about Tides Edge Detox. We ensure that clients facing an acute withdrawal period have the highest level of care.

Some patients arrive at treatment with medical issues or co-occurring disorders. For that reason, the best place to begin recovery may be medically supervised detox. That’s why Beaches Recovery created Tides Edge Detox. Not only are treatment and care supervised by a variety of medical personnel, but your medical issues can be dealt with, and your detox from drugs and/or alcohol conducted in the safest, secure, and comfortable place.

Detox can be complicated by polysubstance abuse as well as chemical and alcohol addictions. In certain cases, withdrawal symptoms can even be life-threatening, and medical detox is the only path to a safe and successful recovery. For that reason, detox should rarely be attempted without professional help.

Patients in treatment at Tides Edge Detox are prescribed medications, as needed, to ensure the entire process is safe and comfortable. Additionally, patients receive round-the-clock care and supervision from physicians and nurses to ensure safety and increase comfort.

Transition to Beaches Recovery– Important Continuity of Care

One of the advantages about Tides Edge Detox is their affiliation with Beaches Recovery. Going through detox and treatment at Tides Edge Detox and then transitioning to extended care treatment at Beaches Recovery Services provides the patient a continuity of care that is clear and focused on the individual.

At Beaches Recovery, they receive cutting-edge therapies and further individualized care through our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP). Beaches Recovery provides housing and direct transportation to patients leaving Tides Edge Detox so there is no disruption in care.

Beaches Recovery Services

After going through medical detox and treatment at Tides Edge Detox, patients can transition to care at Beaches Recovery Services. Beaches is a 60-bed addiction and co-occurring treatment facility located on the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. Beaches Recovery offers the highest level of care, giving patients the best possible resources to ensure a successful rehab in a 30, 60, 90 day extended care setting.

Residents at the Jacksonville addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment center work with a therapist to select the best clinical options to meet their personal needs. Beaches Recovery therapists with the collaboration of Tides Edge Detox staff adapt each treatment to match the client’s culture, values, and interpersonal relationship patterns. They create a proactive, informed approach to rehab and recovery.

Beaches Recovery offers:

All our methodologies exceed industry standards and provide the highest quality, progressive care to each and every person that comes to the facility.

Start your detox and rehab with Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge. To learn more, visit www.beachesrecovery.com or call 866.605.0532.

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