The only viable way to get past addiction is by getting treatment from a licensed treatment facility like Beaches Recovery. One reason why people avoid treatment is that they are cautious of the detox treatment process. The following information addresses treatment at our inpatient medical detox center in Florida. We hope this information will put your mind at ease and prompt you to seek help.

About Our Inpatient Medical Detox Center in Florida

Sad woman with addiction problem wishes she was in an inpatient medical detox center in FloridaOur dedicated inpatient medical detox center in Florida proudly carries the name Tides Edge. We know it’s necessary to have an inpatient medical detox program because we strive to be a full-service treatment facility. By offering a full slate of treatment options, our patients get that all-important continuity of treatment. Without a doubt, it helps to alleviate the stress of going from one treatment facility to another.

Our inpatient medical detox center in Florida offers an inpatient medical detox program for most substance abuse disorders. The goal of detox is to prepare patients for the counseling portion of treatment. With that in mind, our medical staff has developed concrete guidelines for the detox process.

We want to make sure our patients are safe and secure while they go through withdrawal symptoms. Preferably, our patients can go through withdrawal with a minimum of intervention. We monitor their progress and make sure they remain comfortable. Should a patient show signs of distress, our medical staff will likely intervene with medication. These medications typically address pain and sleeping issues.

If a patient gets past their drug or alcohol cravings, we feel our inpatient medical detox center in Florida has done its job. With a clear mind and body, patients are more likely to benefit from addiction counseling and therapy. Without detox help, patients might struggle to get past their desire to drink or take drugs.

About the Detox Process

To further enlighten you, we want to discuss the stages of drug and alcohol detox. As part of our inpatient medical detox program, we start with an evaluation of incoming patients. This assessment helps us establish which type of detox curriculum we expect to follow. This is an essential step because all patients come in with unique circumstances. As such, we want to make sure our clinicians prescribe the correct, customized treatment.

The next step in the detox process is stabilization. The first few days of withdrawal can be difficult. As such, we want to make sure our patients remain comfortable, prescribing medication when necessary. As time passes, the patient gains strength and a bit of clarity. It’s at this point that we enter the final stage of the detox process. That’s mentally preparing the patient to start the therapy portion of the treatment.

Taking a Stand at Beaches Recovery

At Beaches Recovery, we do what we do because people need our help. As a premier rehab facility, we take our responsibility seriously to help patients find sobriety. Better yet, we want them to find sobriety and keep it for a lifetime. With this as our primary goal, we empower our counselors to use all the tools available to help each patient. This requires that our counselors develop custom treatment programs for each patient. After detoxing at Tides Edge inpatient medical detox center in Florida, our counselors use one or more of the following approaches for continuing treatment:

Addiction is a progressive illness for which there is no cure, only containment. From our experiences, we can tell you that your addiction will take you places you never wanted to go. Before it’s too late, we hope you’ll give Beaches Recovery a chance to help you recover from your illness. If you would like to benefit from our inpatient medical detox program at our inpatient medical detox center in Florida, you can call us right now at 866.605.0532.