Beaches Recovery provides a comprehensive approach to overcoming chemical dependency, alcoholism and co-occurring disorders. Many clients come to Beaches Recovery with damaged relationships, feeling isolated and alone. Participating in

12-Step treatment models and 12-step support meetings can provide individuals with a structured plan for sobriety and a sense of community with others struggling with addictions. At Beaches Recovery, 12-step approaches are one of many methods utilized to help clients build a solid foundation in recovery.

What Is the 12-Step Approach to Substance Abuse?

Many addiction-treatment centers use some variation of the 12-Step Approach. In fact, it’s one of the more familiar methods to clients seeking treatment for substance abuse. The 12-Step Approach doesn’t have to be religious, though many programs are. It can be spiritual or conducted in a completely secular way. The model uses 12 steps, beginning with step one, in which clients acknowledge that they are powerless to control their drinking or drug use. Steps two and three acknowledge a higher power or spiritual force that clients can pray to or meditate with to help restore a feeling of control.

Steps four and five involve informal confession and taking responsibility, while steps six and seven continue to find balance through meditation and prayer. Steps eight and nine involve making amends with the people clients feel they have harmed in their life while abusing substances. Steps 10 and 11 continue with previous actions in taking inventory and prayer or meditation. Step 12 involves helping those who are still suffering from addiction.

An Effective 12-Step Approach to Your Drug or Alcohol Problem

An effective 12-step approach treats more than just addiction, it also addresses various life struggles that often contribute to addiction. Some of these struggles include financial problems, abuse, housing that doesn’t support clients in recovery and mental issues. Many 12-step programs are incorporated into a well-rounded treatment program that may include other approaches along with it. The 12-step program may be used in early treatment and then segue into additional treatment approaches.

To be effective, even a 12-step approach must be customized and personalized to individual clients. Choosing an effective 12-step program is very personal for clients, and sometimes feeling comfortable is one of the top concerns. By frequently visiting the facility and interacting with staff, people can decide whether they will be comfortable in the program.

How to Find the Best 12-Step Approach For You

When trying to find the best 12-step approach to fit your needs, you may want to consider whether the program addresses your particular addiction needs, whether you want to stay at the facility for treatment or commute, whether the program is spiritual and whether you have a sufficient level of comfort with the people in the program.

Many 12-step programs follow a spiritual model, but it doesn’t have to be religiously affiliated, and may simply use the terms “God” or “Higher Power” while leaving it up to clients to decide the meaning. Clients suffering from addiction often have other mental or medical conditions that contribute to and exacerbate their addiction, which makes dual diagnosis an important aspect of finding a 12-step program that fits.

At Beaches Recovery, we have both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, we provide dual diagnosis treatment and are partnered with many top insurers. All clients meet with licensed therapists to find out about their unique needs and to make sure that any treatment program is as personalized as possible. We are committed to helping clients find a lasting recovery through deep personal change.

Beaches Recovery is located in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida, and has a 90-bed facility treating a range of substance addiction. The primary focus at Beaches Recovery is sobriety, and programs are highly flexible and personalized to individual clients’ needs. We take into consideration your culture, personality, values and more when constructing an effective approach. One of the hardest parts about recovering from addiction is taking that first step and reaching out for help. Call Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 and let us help you make that first step to a sober lifestyle.