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Welcome to Tides Edge FAQsAs a valued client, we look forward to providing you the highest quality of comprehensive addiction treatment and services starting with detox at Tides Edge Detox Center. We provide subacute detoxification and residential services for the treatment of alcohol, opioid, and benzodiazepine dependence and addiction.

Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge is located in Jacksonville Florida. It’s a premier Florida detox center, offering nationally recognized detox and dual diagnosis treatment programs, in an ideal serene environment. Situated along the coast, Tides Edge Detox combines holistic treatment, therapeutic, and physical recovery in the treatment of the mind, body, and spirit of each client. With a highly experienced, educated, and caring staff, Tides Edge Detox provides unique and customized treatment programs that are designed to create lasting sobriety for every client that enters our detox program.

At Tides Edge Detox it is our mission to have a lasting positive impact on the lives of the families and every client we serve–and YES, this includes YOU! Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge is looking forward to your scheduled arrival and starting your journey to a healthy life with detox.

Below are answers to very important FAQ’s (frequently asked questions), along with other important “things to remember” about Tides Edge Detox services. Please review this information in detail, as we want you to be informed and as comfortable as possible as you prepare to begin the recovery process.

FAQs About Tides Edge Recovery Services

What can I expect during medical detox at Tides Edge Recovery?

For starters, rest assured. Whether detoxing from alcohol, chemical substances, and/or perhaps dealing with severe co-occurring medical issues, medical detox at Tides Edge provides an environment in which the highest level of safety and quality care is provided to every client determined to be at risk of or actively experiencing an acute withdrawal period. Led by board-certified physicians, treatment at Tides Edge Recovery is supervised by a variety of highly skilled medical personnel. As deemed medically necessary, clients are administered medications and provided with round- the- clock care based on personalized need. Our healthcare professionals are capable of simultaneously addressing medical complexities while actively monitoring withdrawal symptoms. All completed in efforts to ensure a client’s detoxification process is regarded in the most dignified manner, being conducted in the safest, securest environment. For these reasons – the proven, most effective and successful medical detox program can be found here – at Tides Edge Recovery.

How long will this process last?

Tides Edge Detox cares about each individual and their unique treatment needs. Every client’s program is specifically tailored to them for personalized detox and rehab. As determined by an individualized client’s medical necessity, average lengths of stay at Tides Edge can range from 3 – 28 days, with the actual length of stay determined by the requirements of each specific client. Based on your multidisciplinary treatment team approach, you may be recommended for extended care programs at Beaches Recovery Services.

Is medication part of treatment at Tides Edge?

Patients in detox at Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge are provided with medications, as needed, to ensure the entire process is safe and comfortable. Additionally, patients receive round-the-clock care and supervision from physicians and nurses to ensure safety and increase comfort.

What should I pack?

Clients are encouraged to bring an assortment of comfortable clothing to include work-out wear, bathing suit, tennis shoes, walking shoes, sandals, and or flip-flops. As Florida weather can at times be unpredictable and unseasonable, we also encourage clients to bring a sweater and or light jacket.

Additionally, feel free to bring personal toiletries such as soap, body wash, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, comb, brush, hair styling devices, devices, make-up products, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving creams, and razors.

NOTE: Please leave all items which contain any alcohol content at home, as possession of such items is prohibited throughout the duration of the recovery process. Examples of personal care items containing alcohol include, but may not be limited to, mouthwash, colognes/perfumes, and hand sanitizer. Prior to packing, please read the label on all toiletries for information regarding alcohol content.

Additionally, please leave ALL valuables at home, including jewelry and other keepsakes.

Do I need to bring proof of insurance, a picture ID, cash, or credit cards?

Yes. Clients should bring their insurance card and some form of picture ID–driver’s license or identification card. Clients should also bring their prescription drug card(s) if available. Individuals are encouraged to bring cash and or a major credit card. Client cash/credit cards will be accessible for use via the assigned case manager. Case managers will maintain primary possession of all client cash/credit cards throughout the recovery process.

Should I leave my medications at home or should I bring them to treatment?

Clients should bring all medications with them to treatment. This should include all prescribed medications and all over the counter medications used.

Can I bring electronics? Is there access to the internet?

As recovery is the primary objective Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge there is limited access to Wi-Fi for any form of electronic device. This includes, but may not be limited to, cell phones, laptops, smart watches, or any other form of electronic device. Hardback books and other reading materials are permitted. Clients should also feel free to bring pens, pencils, and notepads.

When transitioning to Beaches Recovery partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP) levels of care, electronic devices are permitted and there is internet access available. Clients are welcome to bring their cell phones, tablets, laptops, E-readers, and or other similar electronic devices. Please note that a client’s access to all personal electronics, including cell-phones, as well as access to the internet, to include any form of social media, will be dependent on client’s progress and treatment plan.

What if I need to purchase something?

For the convenience of clients, Tides Edge Detox does have an “in-house” store. The store offers a limited variety of items including personal hygiene products and some tobacco products. Upon arrival at Tides Edge Detox, for clients who present with cash, money will be counted by a staff member, with the client serving as a witness. Once the amount of “counted cash” is acknowledged and agreed upon by staff member and client, cash will be placed in an account, from which deductions will be made for any client in-house store purchases.

Is smoking allowed?

Yes. At Tides Edge smoking is allowed during designated times in designated areas. Smoking is prohibited inside all Beaches and Tides Edge properties.

Will I be able to leave the property during the day or overnight?

No. Tides Edge provides inpatient detox and residential levels of care. These are the most intensive levels of care, requiring around the clock monitoring and assessment. All done in efforts to ensure the delivery of safe quality care to every client we serve. Clients admitted to Tides Edge are restricted to the treatment environment. While at Tides Edge, clients are highly encouraged and supported in beginning to re-learn key techniques and skills imperative to avoiding future relapse upon reintegration into community and social environments. Additionally, clients that transitions on to the Beaches Extended Care program have an opportunity to leave the property and practice their newly found skills in a safe secure and supportive environment.

Can my family visit while I’m in treatment?

At Tides Edge Detox, family visitation may begin post-orientation. The client’s primary therapist will communicate and work with them in determining if and when family visitation is appropriate.

If you have additional questions, an addiction specialist or counselor at Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge will be happy to answer them. Just call 866.605.0532.

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