Explore Our Jacksonville Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities & Residences

Clients have the opportunity to live in warm and welcoming beach accessible homes throughout the Jacksonville Beach, Florida area. As part of the program, clients are encouraged to not only enjoy the beautiful surroundings but to also become part of the extensive Jacksonville recovery community. Our program is designed to meet our client’s every need during their stay. We provided transportation to all therapies, activities, and even to the grocery store. Our secure environment provides access to staff at all times.


Beaches Recovery is located in beautiful Jacksonville FL with easy access to the beach.
Our tour shows you the spacious living quarters of our residential housing for clients. The living, sleeping and treatment areas are lovely, clean and spacious. However, these are just amenities to the actual work we do here — addiction treatment.

You’ll live with other people suffering from addiction. Learning to live with others, taking responsibility for yourself just are some of the lessons you learn from living in a residential treatment center like Beaches. Check out our residential facility right here.

Daily Life

Living at Beaches Recovery is not just about addiction treatment. It’s about learning to live life according to some sort of routine. We have structured days which may look like this:

  • Meditation and breakfast
  • Group therapy
  • Activity–experiential therapy
  • Lunch
  • Individual therapy
  • Workout–physical exercise
  • Dinner
  • Support group meeting
  • Activity–individual or group

At Beaches Recovery we also know that experiential therapy and fun have a place in addiction treatment. Fun times are another way of learning how to live life sober. Beaches offers the following recreational activities to supplement your treatment and therapy:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Bowling
  • Equine therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Ropes course

After you view our facility tour, you’ll decide that this is the place you want to recover from your addiction. Many of the Beaches staff have been where you are. Let us get you started on a new way to live in a beautiful and effective addiction treatment center in Florida. Get ready for your new life. Call 866.605.0532.

“The people at Beaches Recovery are caring, accepting, and most importantly, professional.  I have a new lease on life.  Thank you, Beaches Recovery!”

– Lilly A. GA