Beaches Recovery provides a comprehensive approach to overcoming chemical dependency, alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders. Many clients come to Beaches Recovery with damaged relationships, feeling isolated and alone. As part of our evidence-based addiction therapy services, Beaches Recovery has therapists specially trained in group therapy to improve communication skills, relationships, and feelings of isolation.

Whether you opt for an inpatient drug rehab program or outpatient treatment program, it’s likely that one of the key elements to achieving lasting sobriety will be group therapy. In many ways, addiction treatment can lead a person to feel isolated, so participating in group activities is a way to feel connected to others. Group therapy has a number of benefits, all of which can help you to successfully treat your addiction.

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What Is a Group Therapy Program?

In a group therapy program, several participants talk through their experiences and issues under the guidance of a therapist.

In an addiction treatment program, group therapy serves as a way for clients to:

Learn from each other

Build a strong network of support

Develop healthy coping skills

At Beaches Recovery, we offer a number of therapies. Group therapy is a foundational part of our treatment programs, as we believe that connection and support are vital for lasting recovery from addiction.

In addition to group therapy, we offer individual therapy, where clients can meet one-on-one with a therapist and discuss issues that they might not feel comfortable talking about in front of others. These could include abuse, sexual assault, body image issues, financial struggles, or conflicts with family members.

We also provide both men’s and women’s treatment programs. Our goal is for our clients to feel comfortable and safe when opening up about their struggles with addiction and their mental health. Some clients feel safer and less self-conscious in a single-gender group.

During the admissions process, we take time to learn about the needs and goals of each of our clients. If you are ready to break free from addiction, reach out to Beaches Recovery today. We’ll find the treatment program that is right for you.

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Benefits of Group Therapy

Why do we offer group therapy? We believe that this addiction treatment therapy option offers a number of unique benefits. Not only does group therapy allow our clients to spend more time in sessions with trained therapists, but it offers the following benefits:

  • Clients feel less isolated during treatment
  • Clients learn from the experiences of others in recovery
  • Clients work on empathy in a group setting
  • Clients celebrate the milestones of others

Clients Feel Less Isolated in Their Sober Lives

Even in the best addiction treatment centers across the country, patients sometimes report feeling isolated during their recovery. Why is this? Because rehab is a time when many people have to cut ties with friends and social circles that once revolved around drugs or alcohol. Even connecting with family members or close friends can feel challenging when you’re going through such an important process.

One of the best ways to handle these feelings of isolation is to meet others in a similar situation. Group therapy is a way to forge new connections and lessen the idea that you’re going through recovery on your own.

Clients Gain From the Experiences of Others

In group sessions, clients can hear directly from others who have had similar experiences. The stories, advice, and details shared by those in a group session can often have a greater impact than the words of a counselor alone. By participating in group therapy, you will be able to learn and hear from others on the same journey who may have struggled in similar ways and come out stronger on the other side. In group therapy confrontation by a fellow group member can also be an effective intervention in helping clients get honest.  

Clients Work on Empathy in a Group Therapy Setting

Through addiction, many individuals struggle to find empathy for others. Group therapy is one way to regain empathy and truly understand and listen to the struggles of others. In addition, clients will be able to receive empathy from others in therapy, which might be something not readily available from frustrated friends or family who have a difficult time understanding the trials of addiction.

Clients Celebrate the Milestones of Others

During recovery, it’s important to celebrate when the occasion calls for it. When you reach a milestone, whether it’s coming to a realization about your addiction or reaching a benchmark like 30 days sober, your successes are worth celebrating. In group therapy, clients can and should celebrate these achievements. Celebrating with others brings joy and promise for your own future, and having others celebrate your achievements highlights just how proud you should be of your recovery.



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Group Therapy at Beaches Recovery

Our group therapy programs are designed to help our clients heal, grow, and learn.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment programs that include group therapy programs can be more effective in helping clients avoid relapse in the future than individual counseling alone.

Relapse occurs when someone who has abstained from using drugs or alcohol for a period of time begin using again. Many individuals in recovery relapse at some point. If you have gone through a treatment program before an have relapsed, it does not mean you are a failure or that you will not be able to maintain sobriety in the future. It’s simply a sign that you should return to treatment and that you can continue to grow.

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At Beaches Recovery, clients participate in group therapy several times a week. For those in residential treatment or a partial hospitalization program, group therapy sessions could occur every day. For those in outpatient treatment, these sessions could be scheduled several times a week.

During sessions, your therapist will likely ask questions to help the group open up. Other clients will share about their experiences with substance abuse, the effect drugs and alcohol has had on their lives, and what they’ve learned in recovery. This can be helpful for those who are new to sobriety, as they can learn from the experiences of others.

Finally, group therapy can help those in recovery gain new perspective on their own journey. It’s common for individuals to have distorted perceptions of themselves, and addiction can chip away at self-esteem and self-confidence. However, in group therapy sessions, other clients and the therapist can provide feedback.

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What if Group Therapy Isn’t Right for You?

Many individuals have concerns about group therapy before they begin. They might worry that they will have to share their darkest secrets, that others in their group will judge them, or that they can only make progress in individual therapy sessions.

At Beaches Recovery, we take these concerns seriously. In our group therapy programs, participants are never forced to discuss sensitive topics in the presence of others, which is why we offer individual therapy sessions alongside group sessions.

Even if you have worries about group therapy before beginning treatment, you’re likely to find that the sense of community and connection that you feel during these sessions is invaluable during a treatment program. Recovering from substance abuse can be isolating. Especially for those in an inpatient treatment program, the transition to treatment can be sudden. In addition, addiction thrives in isolation. Many individuals hide their drug and alcohol use from loved ones, and worry that their relationships will not recover.

Group therapy can provide a safe place for you to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences.

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In addition to group therapy, we offer a wide range of holistic and evidence-based therapy options. These include:

Art therapy
Music therapy
Mindfulness and meditation
Recreational and outdoor activities
Massage therapy
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Dialectical behavior therapy
Experiential therapy
Motivational interviewing
Trauma therapy
Family therapy

Addiction can impact every aspect of your life: your physical and mental health, your relationships with loved ones, your finances, and your employment status. It’s not necessary to wait until you hit rock bottom to reach out for help. Early intervention can help you avoid complications related to substance abuse later on. Starting a treatment program at Beaches Recovery is a courageous investment in your future.

At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, we realize the importance of group therapy. Discover the difference that support, encouragement, and accountability can make on your journey to recovery. We invite you to reach out to our team at 866.605.0532 or contact us online today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and our admissions process. Take back your life, starting today.

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