Beaches Recovery Center is a 90-bed treatment facility located on the beautiful beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. We provide the highest level of care, giving our patients the best possible resources to ensure successful rehabilitation. Beaches Recovery, a drug rehab center in Jacksonville FL, takes sobriety very seriously. Residents at Beaches Recovery’s Jacksonville drug rehab center work with a therapist to select the best clinical options for their individual needs. Our therapists adapt their treatment to match the client’s culture, values, and interpersonal relationship patterns. They create a proactive, informed approach to rehabilitation and recovery. We offer Residential Drug Rehab, Extended Care, Transitional Living, Outpatient, College Drug Rehab, and Family programs. These programs exceed industry standards and provide the highest quality care to each person that comes to our facility.

What Sets Beaches Recovery Center Apart

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Each of the residents at our drug rehab center in Jacksonville FL receives a unique addiction treatment plan that focuses on their particular areas of need. Using the most advanced approaches to combat addiction, our facility focuses on successful patient care and addiction recovery. Rehabilitating your life at Beaches Recovery will set you on a path to success. With our help, you’ll fight against relapse, and move toward the life you deserve.

We even have an onsite therapy dog named Tallulah. Her unconditional love offers emotional support, which helps reduce stress and anxiety during the addiction treatment process.

Our family at Beaches Recovery celebrates the daily successes of patients on a daily basis. Small daily successes help change long-term attitudes and behaviors for your future outside of treatment, which is why we implement goal setting in each of our customized plans. Regardless of any previous experience with other addiction treatment centers, please call today to speak to our staff about how Beaches Recovery can help you gain back your sobriety, and live a fully rehabilitated life.

We care about you as an individual and we genuinely want you to succeed in your sobriety. You will meet with a licensed therapist at our drug rehab center in Jacksonville FL. This expert addiction specialist will spend the time to understand your unique needs and tailor a program specifically to help you rehabilitate. We design our approach to give you the tools and resources you need to start living a new life.

Our programs are highly individualized for each individual person who comes into our facility. Our therapists learn about your interests, culture, background, and values, and build a recovery program that is perfectly suited. We take recovery one day at a time and make sure to celebrate the daily achievements that build the pathway to a life of sobriety and freedom from addiction.

Beaches Recovery Center is a top-tier drug rehab center in Jacksonville FL. With perfect weather, evidence-based and holistic therapies, and amenities to support the therapies, it the best place to take care of the mess your addiction has made of your life.  We can help you live a drug or alcohol-free life. All you have to do is make the phone call to 866.605.0532

More About Beaches Recovery in Florida

Young man in tie with hand to head needs Beaches Recovery in Florida for his addiction treatmentWe live in a world where addiction to substances has become a significant problem. It is taking a tremendous toll on our youth and the general environment in which we live. When addiction comes a-calling, drug and alcohol treatment centers become the primary line of defense. Beaches Recovery in Florida is a premier treatment center located in Jacksonville. Read on to learn more about Beaches Recovery.

Recognizing Addiction

Before we discuss any details about Beaches Recovery in Florida, a discussion about the signs of addiction seems appropriate. It’s difficult for people to accept the notion they are in the throes of an addiction. They treat the very idea as a sign of personal weakness. The truth is it’s not really a weakness, but instead, an insidious illness that can strike most anyone who uses substances like drugs or alcohol.

The most prominent sign of addiction is a general disorientation of one’s life. Using drugs or drinking alcohol becomes an all-consuming event. As addiction takes hold, people start struggling with relationships and show dubious personal qualities that weren’t present when drugs or alcohol weren’t being abused. Maintaining employment becomes difficult and managing responsibilities becomes nearly impossible. All of these things add up to big trouble for the unsuspecting soul who doesn’t know where to go to get help.

Beaches Recovery in Florida as a Viable Treatment Solution

Beaches Recovery is located in a region of Florida that has a reputation for being the “hotbed” for addiction recovery. As such, we are proud to employ some of the most talented counselors and clinicians in the country. While our facility tends to focus on the treatment of young adults, we have a great success rate at treating patients of all ages.

The secret of our success is being able to provide a custom approach to treatment. We do this by offering a wide range of treatment options that can be tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Our list of treatment options includes:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Family therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Aftercare programs like transitional and sober living
  • Extended care – beyond 90 days

The Process at Beaches Recovery in Florida

At Beaches Recovery in Florida, we maintain one primary focus–putting our patients on the road to lasting recovery from addiction. The process begins with an assessment to determine which treatment plan will best suit the patient’s needs. If you need detox, we will refer you to a partner detox facility in the local area.

When treatment officially begins, all the focus shifts towards educating patients about addiction. We teach them the facts about addiction and the dangers of continued substance abuse. The end goal of the education process is to prepare our patients for a life-long commitment to recovery.

We preach that the key to a successful recovery is having the tools and life skills necessary to cope with life’s everyday issues. This is a daunting task because life is unpredictable. However, our patients finish treatment with the knowledge they can avoid relapses by simply using what they have learned during an intensive treatment process.

More Details About Beaches Recovery in Florida

Our 30-bed facility is small enough to allow us to provide personalized attention. All of our clinicians and counselors have licenses in the field of addiction treatment. We earned JCAHO accreditation to offer a full menu of treatment options. When treatment has unofficially ended, we maintain contact with our patients by providing aftercare programs and offering access to sober and transitional living environments. All of these attributes are part of the reasons why we have been so successful in treating addictions.

When you are ready to step forward and admit you need help with an addiction, we want you to call us at Beaches Recovery in Florida. The phone number is 866.605.0532. By working closely with our professional counselors, you will have the opportunity to regain the life you risk losing to a continuing addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.