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Beaches Recovery is a full-service addiction rehab center in Jacksonville, Florida. We understand addiction. Many of our staff members are in recovery. Beaches respects your decision to get sober and will work with you to set sobriety goals and then stay with you every step of the way so you can meet those goals. Don’t just take our word for it. Click on the testimonials below from alumni who never thought they could live a sober, drug-free life.

Lindsay Talks About Her Experience at Beaches Recovery

Listen to Lindsay tell you about how she lost her kids, had no friends and suffered from undiagnosed depression as well as an addiction before she finally went to Beaches Recovery. The staff at Beaches showed her compassion while treating her addiction. She gained friendships, recovery and got her kids back.

Beaches Recovery Testimonial by Geoff

See how Geoff went downhill from alcohol to pills to coke to crack. In the end, the only way he knew that he was in trouble was from a news story in his cell about him! When he surrendered to his addiction and allowed Beaches Recovery to help him release the “monkey on his back,” he started a brand new life.

Beaches Recovery Testimonial by Ann

“Michael, the Clinical Director of Beaches Recovery, has a great responsibility not only for all the clients, but making sure things are by the book. He deserves a big thank you for giving my son the opportunity to continue working on his recovery. Monique, Beaches Clinical Center Coordinator, has been a wonderful help to me and has become a wonderful friend in recovery. Michelle, Beaches Director of Intake, has worked with me and my son on any financial obligations that have come up.

My experience with Tides Edge and Beaches Recovery has been outstanding. I am forever Grateful for all those involved with my son’s recovery and my recovery as well. Thank you, Beaches Recovery!!”

Beaches Recovery Testimonial by Joy

“I came to Beaches Recovery full of shame, guilt, and had no self-confidence. After a very violent childhood and 50 years of trauma, I entered treatment and immediately started group and individual sessions with trauma therapist Karen Walker Mclean.

From the very first EMDR session I began to feel a change. We worked week after week on healing my brain – and slowly but surely my life started changing. I had been angry and scared when I first started treatment but then peace started to come. Everyone around me noticed before I did. EMDR gave me peace!! I began to feel different as we worked through all my pain and trauma – it brought me to a place of healing!

The work I did with Karen changed my life. I feel amazed and it is all because of the Beaches Recovery program!”

Beaches Recovery Testimonial by Reid

“Beaches Recovery is a magical place, from the staff to the housing. I’ve never felt more welcomed. But the real magic happens in trauma therapy. Karen truly knows how to get to the root of your problems. I know without a doubt, 99% of my sobriety today comes from trauma therapy. She saved my life. I came in as a broken individual, feeling like nothing I said was important. Today, my life has changed. I feel validated and heard. I’m so blessed to have had this experience, and a new lease on life.

Thank you forever Tides Edge and Beaches Recovery. A very special shoutout to Karen Mclean, Trauma Therapist and Danelle McCaw, Primary Therapist.”

Beaches Recovery Testimonial by Matt

“My name is Matt P, a 39-year-old, seven-year Combat Veteran of the United States Army. During my enlistment, I was deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. My duty MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) was a 13B Cannon Crew member. On more than one occasion I was involved in Combat Action  – I have seen plenty of death. Before treatment at Tides Edge and Beaches Recovery, I was riddled with depression, anxiety, and overwhelming anger. I was crippled by mental health issues and constantly self-medicating with alcohol. When I was admitted to Beaches Recovery, I started Trauma Therapy. Everything I had tried before had little to no effect, but I honestly had nothing to lose.

I was fortunate to participate in the Trauma Therapy at Beaches Recovery and given the amazing opportunity to participate in EMI (Eye Movement Integration) therapy with Karen McLean. This was by far the most helpful treatment I have ever received. I just wanted relief – out of my own head and start living life again. The therapy I received allowed me to experience a freedom I didn’t know was possible. I found myself again. I can’t express the gratitude and genuine love I have for Karen and the treatment I received at Beaches Recovery. Trauma Therapy completely changed my life, and I am forever grateful.

Once A Warrior! Always A Warrior!”

The life you’ve only dreamed about can be yours, too! Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL offers many treatment opportunities. At Beaches Recovery you have many choices, more choices than you had in the fog of addiction. The decision to go to rehab is the best one you’ll make. Beaches has the exact treatment plan and therapies you need, such as:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual, group and family therapies
  • 12 step program
  • CBT, DBT and EMDR behavioral therapies
  • Holistic therapies, like art, music and equine therapy
  • Healthy nutrition and physical fitness

Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532. We guarantee you’ll be giving your own testimonial in no time.