You won’t find many people who are willing to argue with the notion that opioid addiction ranks as one of the most devastating addictions on the planet. Heroin and oxycodone are among the most popular “feel good” drugs on the market. If you are struggling with an addiction to opioid-based medications, you have no doubt come to realize just how subtle and dangerous these substances can be. Learn more about opioid addiction and why it’s essential to start recovering at an opioid addiction rehab center.

In a 2016 study provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the harsh truth about opioid abuse went on record.

Facts About Opioid Addiction

In a 2016 study provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the harsh truth about opioid abuse went on record. According to this report, deaths related to opioid overdose have increased every year since 2002. In 2015, the current epidemic of prescription drug abuse took its toll as the number of opioid deaths reached well over 30,000 people nationwide, with over 16,000 of them coming from these prescription drugs. The rest attributed to heroin overdose and death.

These numbers are quite simply unacceptable. While you should be concerned as an individual who might be dealing with such an addiction, you should also be aware that you can recover from an addiction to these insidious substances. All you have to do is reach out.

Am I Addicted?

It’s a question that we receive a lot here at Beaches Recovery. And if you are reading this page, you have already taken the first step towards identifying whether you — or someone you care about — has a problem.

In the first place, if an individual is acquiring opioids illegally, either because they dl not have a prescription, or to supplement the amount that a doctor has prescribed for them, there is a good chance that that person is struggling with dependency issues. But whatever the relationship to their prescription, understanding the difference between someone who uses opioids and someone in need of an opioid addiction rehab center can be difficult.

The question “Am I addicted?” can be a particularly complicated one to navigate in a culture in which opioids are readily available. But it is also hard to know what is right in today’s society, in which the opioid consumption is so normalized, both by the media and by the medical establishment. In many ways, the message that opioid use is alright is reinforced across our culture.

Signs that I Am Suffering From Opioid Addiction

There are, however, signs that you can look for in yourself and others, that can give clues as to whether you are observing addictive behavior. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

When they are not on the substance, they spend a significant amount of time craving and talking about using the substance
They spend a substantial amount of time using, acquiring, and recovering from the side effects of using opioids
Any attempt to stop or reduce their opioid consumption has failed, even when they have recognized that they have a problem and have made a conscious effort to stop
Their consumption has resulted in issues with their families, friends, or other personal relationships, but they continue to use the substance
They sometimes “binge” on the substance, using it for a longer period than they had initially intended
Instead of using the opioid by itself, they combine it with other substances like alcohol
They find themselves using opioid in situations that could be considered dangerous, like when they are operating machinery, driving, or in the presence of young children
Social, recreational, or work activities have taken a back seat to using the substance, as have relationships
The substance has resulted in physical or emotional problems, but they have continued to use it
The use of opioids has resulted in more than one responsibility — whether work, school, or family — not being fulfilled
Their tolerance is such that they continually need more of the drug in order to feel its effects as strongly as they used to
When they have tried to stop or reduce their consumption of the substance, they have experienced the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal.

If you recognize even two or three of the above signs in either yourself or someone you know, it may point to a substance use disorder. If you recognize six or more, it almost certainly points to a more severe problem that requires an opioid addiction rehab center. But whatever the case, it is worth contacting a professional addiction specialist like the ones at Beaches Recovery.

Finding an Opioid Addiction Rehab Center: What to Expect

The first step to conquering opioid addiction is the most difficult. It requires that you summon the strength to admit you are helpless against this substance. If you can make it that far where you ask for help, you could find yourself in the hands of a top opioid addiction rehab center like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida.

Once you are ready and willing for opioid addiction treatment, you will almost certainly check into our partner, Florida Detox Center. Given the insidious nature of opioids, there are substantial risks to going through withdrawal. The symptoms can be quite disturbing and painful. With proper monitoring by qualified medical staff at a reputable detox facility, these withdrawal symptoms can be minimized. You can withdraw in safety.

After detox, we will transfer you to our addiction treatment center to help you continue the recovery process. For your part, you will need to be committed and focused. Anything less, and you might as well anticipate problems with relapses. Experts will tell you that beating an opioid addiction is an arduous and tedious process. We have programs that make it less so. By working hard and understanding addiction to these types of substances, you stand a fighting chance of a complete recovery.

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Fighting Opioid Addiction at Beaches Recovery

At our Beaches Recovery facility, we specialize in the treatment of addictions to heroin and other opioids. Beaches has earned the JCAHO accreditation for rehab facilities. We offer a variety of substance abuse treatment programs to be determined based on your specific needs. We do not have an in-house detox program. However, we will refer you to a top facility in our local area. When you are ready for treatment, we can offer the following options:

If you feel that any of these programs might be right for you, or if you just would like more information about them, it is time to reach out.

I have a nursing background and can highly recommend Beaches Recovery as an excellent facility for a successful recovery. It has an outstanding location and environment. The staff are highly trained and professional while offering individual attention and support. I wish all who share my addiction could experience the success I have had from participating in the Beaches program.


Don’t Do It Alone

Opioid addiction doesn’t just affect you. It affects everyone in your orbit, from family members, to friends, to coworkers. Take steps to free yourself now, before you let your addiction take any more away from you. It takes strength to find your way to detoxification and rehab and to navigate your way through recovery. But as a top rehab facility in the “rehab capital of the world,” Beaches Recovery can help. Our addiction counselors will set you firmly on the road to recovery. It’s up to you to give us a chance by picking up the phone and calling 866.605.0532. Take the step of a lifetime.