As a testament to the importance of responsible narcotic use, there are many prescribed medications that can easily lead to serious addiction problems. It would be safe to say that many prescribed medication addictions start under the best of intentions. Xanax is a prime example. Doctors prescribe Xanax for a variety of medical and psychological disorders. When used as directed by the doctor, most people are able to stay out of harm’s way. When someone crosses the line and starts abusing this drug, they run the risk of ending up in a Xanax detox center, followed by a stint in rehab.

Some Facts About XanaxA boy on sofa listening to counselor at Xanax detox center.

Doctors prescribe Xanax or Alprozolam for a variety of ailments. The medical profession classifies this drug as a short-acting benzodiazepine anxiolytic or tranquilizer, in layman terms. Most often, patients take this drug as the treatment for general anxiety disorders and social anxiety disorders. The drug acts to calm a patient’s nerves. Surprisingly, doctors will also prescribe Xanax in the treatment of nausea related to chemotherapy.

While the drug takes about a week to reach peak performance, it is highly addictive. Studies show that patients can form an addiction to the drug in just a few short weeks. Once the body has built up a tolerance, the user may face possible withdrawal symptoms should they decide to abruptly stop using the drug.

How Patients End Up in a Xanax Detox Center

Before we go much further, it is worth mentioning that recreational or illegal drug users will also abuse Xanax. Professional counselors are never surprised to find themselves treating people in a Xanax detox center with no legal reason to take Xanax. With that said, let’s analyze what leads Xanax users into a Xanax detox center.

As indicated, Xanax is highly addictive. Once an addiction sets in, the user is subject to Xanax withdrawal when the drug is discontinued. Because withdrawal can be so dangerous and painful, doctors will usually recommend a stint in a Xanax detox center prior to the assignment of any treatment programs. Doctors and clinicians design these types of Xanax detox programs as a means of preparing patients for therapy. It’s much easier for a patient to focus on therapy and recovery when they have a clear mind and clean body with which to proceed.

It’s worth noting that many of today’s premier drug and alcohol treatment centers offer a detox solution. This assures the facility that they will get a high level of continuity of treatment, which comes from them treating every aspect of the patient’s addiction.

Beaches Recovery as a Xanax Detox Center

Prospective patients can find Beaches Recovery treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida. As a premier addiction treatment center, we proudly offer a wide range of treatment programs. For the patients who enter our facility with an addiction to substances like Xanax, we often ask them to submit to a detox program. As part of this program, medical staff closely monitor each patient’s progress to assure they have minimal exposure to withdrawal symptoms like pain and restlessness. Our goal is to get each patient safely through withdrawal on the way to one of our custom treatment programs.

As for treatment, we provide access to 30 beds in our residential drug rehab facility. We are Joint Commission accredited and accept most major health care programs. Above all, we focus on treating each patient as an individual. By customizing treatment plans, we find we are better able to address core issues related to each patient’s addiction. Our counselors and clinicians achieve a high degree of success by implementing one or more of the following options:

Before you let your addiction to Xanax or any other drug turn your life upside down, you should let our counselors help you find the road to recovery. By calling Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532, you will get the opportunity to return to a normal way of living. Addiction is a disease and treatment stands as the best cure.