Options – Choices – Individualized

That’s Daily Life at Beaches Recovery

Checking into a recovery or rehab program can be a scary thing to do. You don’t know exactly what’s going to happen or how you are going to feel.

At Beaches Recovery, you will receive a unique treatment plan focusing on your specific needs. It’s all about you. Your day may be structured completely differently than someone who checked in the day before you. What is identical, however, is the Beaches Recovery focus on personalized care and a recovery tailored to your needs. It’s how healing begins here.

Take a look at a normal day and beyond, here at Beaches Recovery, from the thoughts and words of someone going through our treatment program. Experience what it might be like to face your addiction in pleasant surroundings with the support of compassionate staff, many who have been in your shoes. Imagine how you would fit right in with your peers, in fighting the addiction that plagues you and learning how to live in the real world minus addiction.

A Day in the Life of a Beaches Recovery Client



daily life at beaches includes group sessionsMeditation: It comes easier than I thought. I think it’s because the house provides a calming influence – and it’s beautiful.

Breakfast: I fix my own food and eat what I like to eat. I admit it – that was a little intimidating. I mean when was the last time I took the time to make a healthy breakfast for myself? I can’t even remember. And it gets easier every day.  

I get to know my housemates over breakfast – another intimidating activity. But, then it’s great to meet people who are just like me. A little scared. Feeling ashamed. But, we all want the same thing – to get healthy and attack this disease.

The meal prep gets a lot simpler because we work with a nutritionist who helps us create nourishing meals. Admittedly, at first I was nervous about her, but I didn’t feel judged by her at all! My housemates and I talk about some group meals that we’ll shop for and prepare together. After breakfast we all head over to Beaches Recovery.

Group Therapy: My primary therapist leads the group. Because my primary addiction is with opiates, I’m fortunate to get placed in an opioid-specific group. I’m around people who understand exactly what I’m going through. With my therapist, I feel supported and challenged in a caring way. Plus, what is really important to me is being able to open up and talk about anything. I feel like I can talk freely and without anyone judging me.


Lunch: I go back to the house for lunch. This is when I have some free time to write in my journal and reflect on the morning. Who would have thought I would actually be able to write my feelings down? I might even have some laughs with my housemates. The laughs come easier every day.

daily life at Beaches includes individual therapyWorkout:  We have access to a gym in town, and it’s great to get a workout in during the middle of the day. And they take us right to the gym! My body is starting to feel strong in a way I haven’t in years.

Individual Therapy: Back at Beaches I meet with my primary therapist for an individual session. There is a lot of counseling therapy at Beaches. Actually it was something I was afraid of before coming here. But now I’m looking deep down at all the stuff that got me here in the first place. I’m learning about my disease and how I can deal day-to-day when I leave here.


daily life at beaches includes meal prepDinner: At least a few nights a week, my housemates and I prepare a dinner and eat together. While that’s normal for most people on the outside, this is a big deal for us. I’m learning how to cook, and amazingly it’s been fun!

Recovery Support Groups: Each evening we go out into the community and participate in an AA, NA or another type of support group. I like the fact, that by going to these meetings in Jacksonville, we are already beginning our integration into society. And, I realize that continuing to go to meetings will be a key part of maintaining my sobriety after I leave Beaches and it won’t be so hard to walk into a meeting in my home community.

Other Activities

I feel challenged every day – and in a good way. I can’t believe I’m learning how to surf! Yes, at Beaches I’m taking surfing lessons. And, not only is the instructor in recovery, but he is an alumnus of Beaches! We’ve also gone to a ropes course at the University of Florida, and I even rode a horse during Equine Therapy. On the weekends we go to the beach, or fishing or bowling – I’m never bored. To me, there is just the right amount of therapy, activities and downtime.


I can’t say enough good things about the staff here. I didn’t want to come to rehab again – no one really does. It takes time at first to accept what’s going on. The caring staff – from the House Manager to Equine Instructor to Yoga Instructor and especially the Therapists – made all the difference to me. Not once have I felt judged. The staff gives me the room and permission to do what I need to do and to practice my skills daily. They give positive feedback and encourage us clients to learn from each other.  

daily life at Beaches includes exercise such as yogaThis isn’t my first attempt at rehab. But I truly feel like it will be my last. Why? Because the staff at Beaches treats me as an adult. Beaches Recovery is different. Its program integrates much of what I’ll face in the real world while I live here – things like grocery shopping, making meals, going to the gym, cleaning the house, using the phone, and going to meetings. I get a chance to experience how to live life and recover in a “safe” environment. And when I’ve stumbled, which I have, it’s been ok. I get help– without judgment–to analyze why I had difficulty doing something and to figure out how I can do it differently next time.

At other rehabs, it seems like everything is taken away from you and then one day you get placed out in the “real world,” and it’s a shock. At Beaches I get to slowly learn how to live back in society.  

I have options and choices. And, I have hope.

Doesn’t sound bad, does it? Beaches Recovery is different from other rehabs. We hear it all the time from our clients. We select our staff, not only for their professional abilities–each therapist has a Master’s Degree–but for their emotional intelligence. They are caring, respectful and encouraging.

From our nationally recognized dual-diagnosis program to our individually designed treatment plans, Beaches Recovery is the place where healing begins. You read it yourself in the words of a client who went through treatment, recovery and successful integration into a better life in the real world.