Heroin is among the most addictive and dangerous illicit drugs in the world for young adults. About 80% of people that use heroin started the addiction with prescription opioid misuse. Young adult heroin treatment usually involves extensive therapy, medication, and support groups. It also involves changes in lifestyle and a 100% commitment to getting clean. The first step in quitting heroin is to check into a heroin detox center at Beaches Recovery.

If you are suffering from heroin addiction, Beaches Recovery offers professional care at our addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, FL. Our specialists can help you get through the difficult part of your detox and monitor your health and progress. To get help right now, contact us today. We can help you take the first and most important step to addiction recovery.

What is Heroin Treatment Like?

While young adult heroin treatment is not the most pleasurable experience, it also does not have to be a lonely or isolated experience either. How well you do in detox often depends on how comfortable and safe your environment is, as well as how caring and accommodating your treatment specialists are.

At Beaches Recovery, we provide a safe environment and reinforce it with ongoing monitoring to ensure that you make it through detox successfully. While you may feel a tremendous amount of discomfort, pain, or anxiety, you are in good hands with professionals that have helped countless others get through what you will go through.



Medication for Heroin Addiction

Medication-assisted treatment during heroin addiction rehab is one way to help you with your withdrawals and cravings as you recover from addiction. Medication can help you get through the toughest part of the detox and reduce your cravings as your lingering symptoms or urges continue over the next few weeks.

Some of the medications that are available include:


These medications are given in limited doses and for limited amounts of time so that you do not become dependent upon them. The goal of young adult heroin treatment is to help you with a short-term medication so that you can handle your withdrawal symptoms or initial cravings.

“This place truly saved my life. After going to a few other rehabs my parents did not believe it could work. After all the calls I made, I finally got to Beaches Recovery who actually cared enough to take the time to talk with my family. When I got to the center, it was clean and they got me feeling better quick. I ended up staying for 120 days and then going to sober living. Thank you everyone, I am so grateful for this place.”


What Happens During Rehab?

While detox is an important first step in helping you get clean, you need to continue your young adult heroin treatment after detox so that you have a successful recovery. Beaches Recovery offers college student rehab specific therapy and treatment for heroin addiction such as:

Addiction program specifically designed for heroin
Neurofeedback therapy program

We also offer a complete 90-day rehab program that includes heroin detox at Tides Edge Detox Center, individual counseling sessions, a 12-step program, support groups, and alternative treatments and activities. The 90-day program gives you a boost and empowers you to start your journey toward full recovery.

Learn More About Addiction Therapy at Beaches Recovery

Heroin is extremely dangerous. It is easy to overdose, to get a bad trip, or to become physically and psychologically dependent on it. The side effects of heroin addiction may include slowed breathing, heart problems, lethargy and feeling sleepy all the time, brain damage, or organ failure.
If you quit now, you can reclaim your life free of addiction. However, if you keep going, you are not certain of your health, your relationships, or your financial future. It is never too late to get help for addiction.
Beaches Recovery is here to help you break the cycle of addiction and get off of heroin for good. To find out more about young adult heroin treatment contact us today at 866.605.0532 We can answer your questions, discuss your addiction, and create a roadmap for your recovery. You can get clean today.