woman watching the sunset at the beach after a Jacksonville addiction treatment program

Jacksonville Addiction Treatment Program: What to Ask

Deciding to enter an addiction treatment program can be intimidating. You likely are focused on doing “whatever it takes” to recover at this point, yet you still need to be comfortable and find the right types of therapy to heal from your addiction. When looking for a Jacksonville addiction treatment program, having some help in…

man using syringe and spoon for heroin addiction in Jacksonville FL

Help for Heroin Addiction in Jacksonville

Consider three main factors when finding help for heroin addiction in Jacksonville, Florida. Accreditation, depth of knowledge, and the type of programs offered make your decision easier when you decide to seek treatment. Choosing a heroin addiction rehab center in Florida with nationally recognized dual diagnosis treatment programs, with recovery positioned in the ideal environment,…

man with hands over his face consulting therapist about executive drug detox programs for his wife

Executive Drug Detox Programs to Help Your Husband or Wife

For many business executives, it may be more difficult to realize there’s a problem with alcohol or drugs. The challenge stems from the effectiveness of addiction to cause individuals to rationalize their actions. Many successful business people ultimately think their drug use is completely manageable because they continue to make money and pay their bills.…

businessman after doing line of cocaine and thinking about finding an executive drug treatment program

Executive Drug Treatment Program – is Florida the right choice?

Jacksonville, Florida, provides your husband or wife with the perfect place to begin the path back to sobriety by going through an executive drug treatment program. A business executive with addiction problems has special rehab treatment needs that an ordinary treatment program can’t address. In an executive drug treatment facility, your spouse will get the…


Helping Hands

At Beaches Recovery, we do different activities such as art therapy as a way to help clients access the creative side of the brain which can be healing for some people. We also love to help clients find creative outlets such as art therapy or outdoor activities so that they can find joy in their…

doctor explaining answer to woman who asked does insurance cover drug rehab

Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Living with someone who struggles with illicit substance or alcohol abuse can be one of the most challenging experiences in life. But does insurance cover drug rehab? Thankfully, if either of you has insurance, inpatient and outpatient services in Jacksonville may be more attainable to you. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, offers nationally recognized dual…