suboxone withdrawal symptoms

Now What Do I Do About My Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms?

When doctors prescribe one medication to treat an addiction to another substance, they try to strike a delicate balance. Unfortunately, a patient sometimes forms an addiction to their addiction medication. Suboxone is a medication that doctors prescribe during detox for heroin addiction. If users abuse it or take it too long, an addiction might form. When someone…

alcohol addiction facts

Disturbing Alcohol Addiction Facts [Infographic]

 Alcohol Addiction Facts Reveal Underage Drinking is a Serious Problem About 2.5 percent of adolescents have an alcohol use disorder. They struggle with daily addiction. They’re also in danger of negative health effects from withdrawal symptoms. Only about 5.2 percent of these adolescents receive professional help for the condition. Untreated Alcohol Use Disorders Can…