person comforting to help an addict

You Want to Know How to Help an Addict

We always hear how people concerned are about their loved ones. When loved ones are struggling with substance use disorder or addiction, concern increases. Friends, family, and loved ones want to know how to help an addict. Unfortunately, most individuals know very little about addiction. If you’ve never walked a mile in those shoes, it’s…

furious man on couch needed anger management techniques

Drinking and Drugs Were My Anger Management Techniques

You’ve heard of the stereotypical angry drunk. Overdoing alcohol or drugs helps some people release anger and frustration they build up inside. For others, unresolved anger problems lead to substance abuse because it helps them numb their feelings of sadness and frustration. As a result, effective rehab must provide anger management techniques for those who…

woman distraught about cycle of addiction

Understand the Dangerous Cycle of Addiction

The challenge of getting through one day to the next puts a great deal of pressure on anyone dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The stress an individual undergoes leads them to drink or abuse drugs. That substance abuse, in turn, puts more pressure on their social, professional, and personal life, increasing the…

man rubbing face needing stress management techniques at work

I Need Some Stress Management Techniques Without Drugs

Without drugs or alcohol, life can become very difficult. This is completely normal in the early stages of recovery. You have to realize that you were most likely drinking or using drugs as unhealthy stress management techniques. When you get sober, stress doesn’t magically go away, so it’s important to learn new techniques to help…