For those seeking a drug addiction center near Tampa, Florida, it may make more sense to look to Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville. Our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are designed to meet the lifestyle of each client. After detox, you can begin a recovery program under the care and supervision of trained therapists and staff members.

drug addiction center group therapy sessionWhat to Look for in a Drug Addiction Center Near Tampa, Florida

Substance abuse disorders can take a significant toll on your emotional and spiritual well-being. Perhaps you are a long-term user or have participated in an addiction treatment program in the past. A residential drug addiction treatment program can provide the intensive treatment required to help you stay sober.

Addiction, by nature, comes with obsessive behaviors that quickly begin to control your life. With proper instruction, you can avoid relapse after completing a reputable detox program.

Addiction changes your brain chemistry and how your mind works. Drugs or alcohol become your main priority. Even if you have had substance abuse disorders for years, you can benefit from an effective drug addiction center. You can learn how to deal with the stress and aggravation of everyday life without turning to drugs and alcohol.

Residential Drug Rehab

An intensive residential drug rehab program gives you a safe place to stay during your treatment. Your entire stay is dedicated to recovery. Residential treatment can help you avoid stress and temptation waiting for you back home. If you live in the Tampa area, it may be beneficial to get away, even if it’s not that far away. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville is an excellent fit for those looking for a drug addiction center near Tampa, Florida.

A safe, supervised environment can provide the key to success in the early stages of recovery. You can later transfer into a less intense program as part of our aftercare services. Residential addiction treatment often works for those who meet the following characteristics:

  • Unstable living situation
  • Chronic relapse history
  • Lack of readiness to change
  • Require psychological or medical treatment
  • Have impulse control issues

The Importance of Seeking the Right Help

You shouldn’t feel bad about needing help to quit your addiction. Many clients who come to Beaches Recovery have reservations about new-found sobriety or clean living. Addiction involves strong impulses, and you need assistance with remaining true to the goal.

Living at home and hanging out with friends who still drink or use drugs can have a devastating effect on your long-term recovery. That’s why we recommend if individuals are looking to stay at a drug addiction center near Tampa, Florida, they look outside of the city to our facilities in Jacksonville, FL. This gives you time to reflect on your goals and the peace of a tranquil environment and caring therapists. Staff members are available day and night and hold you accountable for your sobriety while providing the guidance you need to avoid relapse.

You can consult with our admissions team on the level of care that would work best for you. If you have a job and family obligations, an outpatient drug rehab program might better meet your needs.

Outpatient Addictions Treatment Center

Some patients do not require the intensity of a residential treatment program. Beaches Recovery is located in Jacksonville and offers an intensive outpatient treatment program and an outpatient program.

Beaches Recovery’s IOP has more hours of therapy and allows you to spend more time at the recovery center to work on your treatment goals. On the other hand, our OP requires fewer hours so you can balance your work and life responsibilities with your recovery care.

Both programs allow you to live at home and come to the center for treatment a few times a week or more. We have many classes and therapy options to help you customize your recovery.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL

At Beaches Recovery, we offer traditional evidence-based programs and holistic therapies to help you tailor your recovery in ways that work for you. If you are ready to enjoy a life free of drugs and alcohol, we can help. Contact us at 866.605.0532 today to begin your recovery.