Unsatisfied With Your North Palm Beach, FL Drug Rehab Program?If you want to break the cycle of drug addiction once and for all, attending a rehab program is crucial. However, not all rehab centers are the same, and you should never settle for an inferior facility.

If you’re unsatisfied with your options for North Palm Beach, FL drug rehab, look beyond the city limits to find a better treatment center that can help you make real progress on the road to recovery. The following are some of the most common things patients find unsatisfactory about North FL Drug Rehab Program:

Location Creates Unnecessary Temptation

For local residents, choosing a North Palm Beach, FL drug rehab facility is a natural conclusion. The reality, however, is that this convenient proximity might actually cause additional problems during recovery. In order for a FL drug rehab program to be most effective, patients should never feel that there’s an easy out available to them. If temptation is just around the corner, cravings can become too difficult to bear.

Attending a FL Drug Rehab Program away from North Palm Beach is an excellent way to minimize temptation. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, for example, is close enough that you can drive there in a single afternoon. On the other hand, it’s far enough away from North Palm Beach that you can wipe the slate clean and enjoy a fresh start. Friends and family will appreciate that the location is convenient enough for occasional family therapy, but far enough away that it discourages enabling behavior.

Evidence-Based Treatments Aren’t Readily Available

There are many different types of treatment that can be made available in a FL drug rehab center. While options are a good thing, rehab centers should place a priority on evidence-based treatment. This could include tried-and-true therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy or pharmacological treatment.

These primary evidence-based treatment methods will always be a part of the structure at a high-quality, accredited drug rehab program. However, supplementing this curriculum with alternative treatment methods can also be helpful. Some of the most popular and effective means of drug addiction treatment include:


Some FL Drug Rehab Facilities Can’t Enforce 100% Sobriety

If you’re considering a rehab center in North Palm Beach or anywhere else in the country, make sure that they are able to effectively enforce the sobriety of their patients. In order for rehab to be truly effective, patients should know that the facility is a clean space with no potential access to drugs or alcohol.

Unfortunately, some overly crowded or understaffed facilities aren’t able to effectively keep banned substances out of the rehab center. This is a good reason to be dissatisfied with the program, and it’s a sign that patients should look elsewhere for more effective and reputable treatment with a better staff-to-patient ratio.

Facility Won’t Accept Your Health Insurance Plan

As you explore your options for North Palm Beach rehab, don’t forget about coverage, payment and insurance. Individuals who have some kind of medical insurance or Medicaid shouldn’t have trouble getting coverage at major accredited rehab facilities.

If there are no suitable local rehab centers that accept your insurance plan and meet your needs, then venture further away. Places like Beaches Recovery accept a wide range of insurance plans and work to ensure that patients get the help they need regardless of financial means.

You deserve the best rehab programs possible in order to reach and maintain lasting sobriety. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, offers effective, evidence-based treatment in a convenient location. Call 8666050532 to work toward a future filled with health and happiness.