Hiking therapy just one of our varied addiction treatment servicesAddiction Treatment Services Outside the Box

The basis of the best addiction treatment services, including those at Beaches Recovery, are evidenced-based. However, incorporating alternative and holistic approaches can also be integral to the success of patients on the road to sobriety.

You can help yourself or a loved one. Learn more about some of the unique and beneficial addiction treatment services available at Beaches Recovery:

Hiking Therapy

Hiking can be an exceptional way to boost the health and happiness of patients in addiction treatment. To start, hiking is a natural endorphin booster, which is important as patients need to train their brain to receive positive feedback from activities and adventures beyond drug use. Hiking also takes place outside, which can increase Vitamin D levels, boost mood and ward off depression.

Perhaps most importantly, hiking therapy is meditative. Experiencing nature, realizing one’s place in the universe and appreciating the beauty of the great outdoors can be a transformational experience. Plus, many patients who participate in hiking therapy while in rehab will continue to hike on their own later in life.

Art Therapy

One of the struggles of addiction is not having a release for emotions. That’s why addiction treatment services such as art therapy can be so beneficial for patients. Through a range of mediums, patients in art therapy can express themselves on a regular basis. Where words fail, the pencil, the paintbrush or the crayon can deliver the message.

Art therapy is also used in conjunction with other therapeutic methods where it helps to have the patients engaged in an activity in order to let the mind wander. In the discussion of sensitive subjects, for instance, patients may feel more at ease if they can sketch while talking to a therapist or counselor.

Bowling Therapy

Bowling can be a lot of fun, but it can also be an effective tool in the treatment of addiction. It doesn’t require an extraordinary level of fitness. Individuals who might struggle with long hikes or sports classes, for instance, will likely be able to bowl for an hour or two without limitations.

Bowling therapy can also be an excellent team-building exercise. Having a goal, working toward it and socializing along the way are three skills that don’t always come easily or naturally while in rehab. The fact that bowling can be enjoyable is just icing on the cake.

Rope Course Therapy

During addiction treatment, self-esteem and confidence can be at an all-time low. For many patients, there are feelings of doubt, and anything that can show individuals how capable they really are is a great thing. Rope course therapy can help participants learn that thrills, risk and adrenaline aren’t tied to substance abuse. Plus, they can set out to do challenging things and succeed.

Music Therapy

One of the most popular addiction treatment services is music therapy. Music is an approachable and powerful way to express emotions, which is crucial in addiction treatment. Simply creating or listening to music can reduce blood pressure, decrease stress levels and improve mood. However, music therapy with a professional music therapist also has the potential to play a more direct role in the treatment of addiction and the prevention of relapse.

Equine Therapy

Addiction treatment services like equine therapy are the ideal way to help patients create connections where they need to be dependable. Equine therapy highlights the importance of trust and honesty in relationships. According to The Guardian, benefits of equine therapy can also include:

  • Emphasis on the importance of body language
  • Expressions of empathy
  • Feelings of pride
  • Development of work ethic

These unique addiction treatment services can serve as helpful tools in the fight against addiction. Call 8666050532 to learn more about the available therapies at Beaches Recovery and how to begin your journey to recovery today.