A very important part of the recovery process for people who are suffering from an addiction to any substance is the detox process. While detox might not always be necessary, it serves a great purpose and should always be seriously considered. In many cases, the best detox process holds the key to a lasting recovery from addiction.

The Purpose of Detox

Man laying on sofa comfortable at the best detox center.In most deeply rooted addictions, there’s a serious dependence on the substance for both the mind and the body. For any meaningful treatment to be effective, there’s a need for the addiction sufferer to eliminate this dependence. The next step gets them safely through the withdrawal symptoms. These drug withdrawal symptoms are almost a certainty, and they offer a very real risk to the individual’s physical and mental health if not managed properly.

Any of the best detox centers should be able to get an individual safely through the process with a minimum of discomfort. This might require the use of prescription medications and/or tapering drugs, but it is usually a very successful process. When completed, the patient should have enough clarity to understand the goals of therapy. Participation at the highest level assures a great rehab experience.

Qualities of the Best Detox

Without a doubt, the best detox facilities have qualities that point them out. Some of these qualities are easy to identify while others may be less obvious. Here at Beaches Recovery, we have great faith in the detox process. With that said, here are a few qualities we believe are important.

  • High success rate – If the intent is to help break the patient’s dependence on a substance, a success rate of near perfect should be mandated.
  • Focus on nutrition – Throughout the detox process, the patient is going to need nutrients and nutritionally sound food to help their body start and continue the recovery process.
  • Highly trained, professional staff – Given the inherent dangers of withdrawal, it’s important for patients to receive some level of monitoring by top-notch clinicians.
  • A variety of detox options – Each patient is going to be unique in their needs. By offering a variety of detox options, the focus can be put on getting the patient through the process safely.
  • Excellent communication – It’s important for the detox center’s personnel to have the ability to communicate patient information to the rehab facilities that will be receiving patients once the detox process is complete.

Detox and Beaches Recovery

While Beaches Recovery does not maintain an onsite detox facility, we do have a solid relationship with a place we consider to be one of the best detox centers in the Jacksonville, Florida area. This particular detox center rates as the best detox because it checks the boxes we have listed above.

After our patients have successfully completed detox, we are ready to do our part. We offer them excellent care through one of these treatment programs:

  • Intensive outpatient
  • Extended care residential treatment
  • Family residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Aftercare programs
  • Sober living options

We understand the difficulty you might have confronting your addiction. However, you must be prepared to take the steps necessary to remove yourself from the vicious cycle of addiction. That first step is admitting you are helpless and need help. If you will do that and pick up the phone to call us at 8666050532, our staff here at Beaches Recovery can commit that we will do everything in our power you give you the best drug treatment programs possible. Your life and our reputation depend on it.