Yoga is just one holistic treatment offered for him at Beaches RecoveryMany people seeking a drug addiction rehab wonder what holistic treatment is and whether it will be worthwhile for their own rehabilitation. Although the term is more widely used now than ever before, holistic treatment is actually rooted in centuries-old philosophies that “whole person” wellness comes from balance in all areas of your being – mind, body and spirit.

Why Holistic Treatment?

People abuse drugs or alcohol for many reasons. These reasons often include self-medicating to remedy physical pain, numbing to avoid psychological issues or escaping the stress of daily life.

Many people who regularly use alcohol or drugs do not even know which problem they are trying to fix through substance abuse. This is why treating all areas of individual existence – mind, body and spirit – can ensure higher chances of rehab success. Holistic therapies do just that.

The philosophy of holistic treatment is founded in all three areas of health being intertwined. This means that imbalance or disease in one area of your being will affect other areas of your being. As an example, many people believe that drug treatment programs only addressing the physical self fail because the mind and spirit are left in the disease.

What do holistic treatment programs involve?

Holistic drug programs sound at face value like a New Age method, of interest to a limited range of people. But in reality, many patients experience holistic methods without even knowing that they are holistic. Some holistic approaches to drug rehabilitation include:


Group therapy, family therapy, individual counseling, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment and educational sessions about addiction are all good examples of holistic methods for treatment of the mind.


Physical fitness programs, nutritional guidance, hiking therapy and yoga are all popular activities of rehab. These are also programs oriented to physical wellness as part of a holistic approach.


Meditation, yoga, mindfulness practice, anger management, art therapy, music therapy and 12-step programs are all examples of where holistic methods meet modern rehab programs.

Most rehab programs with a holistic approach feature sunny, natural, healthy settings where patients can commune with the environment. These settings are commonly in forested areas, in the mountains, by a lake or near the ocean. Many experts and novices alike believe that nature provides great balance for the human spirit. So these settings are designed for that peacefulness and balance through open floorplans, design schemes in tune with nature, and lots of natural light.

Beaches Recovery of Jacksonville Provides Holistic Treatment in an Oceanside Setting

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville FL, is aptly named for its sunny setting, as well as the natural serenity that patients experience while on the Beaches campus. Holistic programs at Beaches Recovery include a wide range of therapies and educational sessions designed to bring wellness and balance to each patient’s mind, body and spirit.

Beaches Recovery is Joint Commission accredited, proving the facility’s highest standards of care. Varied programs are available as best suited to each individual patient, including:

  • Primary Care
  • Extended Care
  • Transitional Living
  • Outpatient
  • Family Residential
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient

In the United States right now, there are about seven million people like you who need treatment for drug addiction. Only one million will get the treatment they need. Through holistic treatment at Beaches Recovery, you can end your addiction once and for all, as part of that fraction who get help.

Whole being wellness is considered by many to be the key to strength in lifelong sobriety. Call Beaches Recovery now at 8666050532 to learn more about holistic programs that can help you gain complete balance.