The Five Types of People You’ll Meet in Drug RehabWhether you’re struggling with an addiction to prescription pain medications or heroin, you probably already have realized that opiate addiction can completely take control of your life. Not only does an opiate addiction cause your life to become highly unmanageable, but more people die from opiate overdoses each year than alcohol and cocaine combined.

Opiates were originally created to help treat pain, but they also give a person a euphoric feeling that can be extremely addicting. No matter how many times you’ve tried to quit on your own, there’s still hope that you can recover and regain control of your life.

Why an Opiate Rehab for Men?

America’s problem with the drug escalated in the early 2000s. In recent years, more prescription opiates have been prescribed than ever before, and it’s often because people are abusing the medications or selling them to people who are. Buying the medications on the street can be extremely expensive, which is why so many people end up turning to alternative. In places like the Northeast United States, more and more people are turning to heroin instead of prescription pain medications.

When it comes to getting sober, it’s important to be with a group of people who understand what it’s like. Men and women have different reasons for turning to drugs, which is why an opiate rehab for men is where you can get the best possible foundation of recovery. Beaches Recovery is located in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida, and you’ll be with other men during treatment. This will allow you to relate more easily to others and rely on one another for support as you make this new courageous step in your life. Not only is this a benefit in treatment, but some of these bonds will last for years to come.

Beaches Recovery Accepts Health Insurance

Someone suffering from addiction may justify not going to an opiate rehab for men due to the cost, but your health insurance will help. Beaches Recovery works with many insurance companies (including VA CCN) so you can get the help you need without having to worry about the financial obligation. Insurance will help with the addiction treatment that you’ll go through, and it’ll also help with the necessary detoxification process.

The first step toward getting sober is going through detox, and Beaches Recovery will provide you with options. You’ll be able to go through a medical or holistic detox, and your insurance will help cover the cost for the medications and medical supervision that you’ll be receiving.

Even if you choose to go the holistic route for detox, you’ll still need medications to help keep your heartrate and blood pressure under control. Those who choose a medical detox will be provided with medications like Subutex, which is gradually tapered off, but will help greatly with reducing some of the symptoms of withdrawal.

Learning a New Design for Living

Everyone uses opiates for different reasons, and their path to addiction happens in different ways. You’ll be assigned a therapist so you can go through individual therapy, which will give you a safe place to talk about your personal issues as well as your history of addiction.

The benefit of an opiate rehab for men is that you’ll also be going through group therapy, which is where you’ll see that you have a lot of support in your recovery. Men looking to recover from an opiate addiction share and support each other when discussing past issues with opiate addiction as well as fears of the future.

Beaches Recovery will help to provide you with a strong foundation of recovery, but the real work starts when you leave treatment. You’ll be provided with a sturdy discharge plan so you can continue getting the care that you need, and you’ll also have the tools you need to face your triggers without having to pick up a drug again.

Opiate rehab is your best bet for reclaiming your life from addiction. Call Beaches Recovery today at 8666050532 and open the door to a life without painkillers or heroin.