Woman with hand wrapped around knees wondering about alcohol treatment in Florida.If you are wondering whether you need treatment for alcoholism, you are not alone. Many people walk in these same shoes each year. The questions in your mind about alcohol dependence should convince you that you do need help. But if your questions are not enough to convince you, there are signs you can look for to know whether you need alcohol treatment.

Signs You Need Alcohol Treatment

When trying to decide whether you need alcohol treatment, you should look for evidence that your life is out of control. This chaos may feel like your “normal,” but there is nothing normal about a chaotic life. Instead, it is a clear sign that your substance abuse is a problem.

Signs that your alcohol use is out of control and you need treatment include:

Drinking is the Most Important Thing in Your Life

If you think more about drinking than anything else throughout your day, you are likely suffering from addiction. Even worse is spending a great deal of your time, money and energy trying to get alcohol and drink it. You no longer have interest in your past hobbies, activities, family, friends or other attachments.

Your Health is on the Decline

Drinking too much does not just take over your life and spin chaos. It also affects your health. Long-term liver problems, kidney issues, cancer and weight gain are all part of alcoholism. These health problems have been directly linked to excessive drinking.

You Need More Alcohol than Ever, to Just Feel Drunk or Satisfied

Your early drinking before addiction made you feel relaxed, social and attractive. Now drinking is more to satisfy your need for the drink. Your body has adapted and developed tolerance to alcohol, not feeling the “fun” effects anymore. Drinking is now more expensive, time-consuming and frustrating.

You Suffer from a Mental Illness

It is very common for people with a substance abuse problem like alcohol use disorder to also suffer mental illness. In fact, you may be self-medicating anxiety, depression or other mental illness with each drink you take. What was once a coping mechanism is now a bigger problem. Dual diagnosis care in rehab can help you heal both addiction and mental illness at the same time, for a legitimate chance of lasting recovery.

You Can’t Quit by Yourself – You Fail When You Try

You probably feel like the king or queen of empty promises, after you have told yourself or others that you will quit drinking. You may actually try to quit, but your problem is bigger than your ability to do so. Quitting drinking should not be a self-help experience. You need the help of a quality alcohol treatment center to have the success you want so much.

Benefits of Structured Alcohol Treatment

When you realize you need help from a structured alcohol treatment program, you are helping yourself take the right steps toward a better future. This is a big decision. But giving into the realization that you cannot successfully go it alone will change your life forever.

All you have to do for sobriety to be yours is show up at rehab, learn the skills you need, follow the program, gain and give support, and believe in yourself. In fact, studies have proven that you do not have to believe in yourself at all, at first. You don’t even have to want rehab in the beginning. But rehab can work as long as you participate.

Benefits of going to rehab for alcohol treatment include:

  • Help for your substance abuse and mental illness, all at once
  • Medication management
  • Life and coping skills education
  • Ongoing post-rehab support through aftercare
  • Programs suited to your lifestyle and individual needs
  • Time away from your triggers and temptations, so you can succeed

Finding the Right Treatment Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida provides residential drug rehab, partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program and standard outpatient programs for alcohol and drug addiction. At Beaches, you can receive the dual diagnosis care you need while rebuilding your life through a wide variety of therapies. These include equine therapy, fitness, art, bowling, hiking and other experiential therapies in a mix with individual, group and family counseling.

If you or someone you love have an alcohol use problem and are ready to begin a new life in recovery, call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532. Don’t give up on your hope for better days ahead. All you have to do is take the first step of making this call.