Codeine cough syrup is addictive.When someone has a cold with a nasty cough, it’s quite common for them to use a prescription cough syrup with codeine in it. Along with its other analgesic uses, the codeine acts as a cough suppressant. Even in this form, the codeine is classified as a narcotic. As such, it maintains its addictive properties if misused or taken for an extended period of time. For this reason, doctors do not typically prescribe codeine cough syrup as a long term solution to a cough.

Is Codeine Cough Syrup Addictive?

Unlike illegal narcotics, codeine cough syrup is a legal product that is used for legitimate purposes. The question remains, “Is codeine cough syrup addictive.” This is an important question, especially if the cough syrup is intended for children or people who are in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction.

The short answer to the stated question is, yes. As mentioned above, any narcotics that are abused can become addictive. Aside from acting as a cough suppressant, the codeine found in cough syrup has the ability to produce a pleasurable and calming effect for the recipient. As it stimulates the pleasure receptors in the brain, it entices the user to want to continue experiencing that effect. If all it takes is a few more sips out of the medicine bottle, so be it. It seems harmless enough.

Unfortunately, the brain and the body forms a need for the codeine cough syrup if the abuse continues. How long it takes for an addiction to form depends on the user’s physiology and the amount of cough syrup consumed. If an addiction does form, we will treat it with the same concern as an addiction to alcohol or illegal narcotics.

Treating an Addiction to Codeine Syrup

When someone goes too far with their consumption of any kind of prescribed medication, the treatment process is the same. Any sudden cessation of taking the substance can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Because of these withdrawal symptoms, there is some inherent discomfort and danger involved. Depending on the depth of the addiction, detox and substance abuse treatment are highly recommended.

A reputable drug and alcohol treatment facility like Beaches Recovery is always the best choice for addiction treatment. The counselors and clinicians at our Jacksonville, Florida facility have seen many patients with an addiction to codeine cough syrup come through the doors for treatment. People assume that codeine cough syrup is harmless. In fact, it is harmless when taken as prescribed.

After a screening process, we will be able to determine whether or not detox is necessary. If detox seems necessary, we provide the patient with an individualized detox program. Our medical staff gives patients the opportunity to go through withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment with a minimum of discomfort. Once the patient is ready for treatment, we assign him or her one of our customized treatment plans based on her or his specific needs.

Treatment Options at Beaches Recovery

In our eyes, every patient we see has a unique situation. With that in mind, we have designed an extensive menu of treatment programs. From our JCAHO accredited, 30-bed facility, we offer the following treatment options:

For the convenience of our patients, we accept most major insurance plans. This includes Aetna, BCBS, Humana, VA CCN and Magellan.

If you find yourself dealing with an addiction to codeine cough syrup or any other substance, you need our addiction treatment services. At Beaches Recovery, our licensed counselors and clinicians are ready to provide you with the best care possible. All you have to do is admit you have an addiction and reach out for help by calling us at 866.605.0532. From that point on, we will find the road to recovery together.