Man with hand on forehead at office desk experiencing drug side effects.Those who struggle with an addiction can experience a wide variety of different drug side effects. The side effects of drugs can be physical, psychological as well as social. Struggling with an addiction to drugs is extremely difficult because most people want to get clean. The issue is that addiction is an illness that makes a person believe they don’t have a problem or can never get well.

Throughout a person’s addiction, they’re doing damage to their brain, liver, heart and nervous system. Many different drugs can also increase the chances and symptoms of many different mental health disorders. The good news is that once a person gets sober, the drug side effects begin to drop off one by one. No matter what you’ve done or how low you’ve gone, there’s still hope that you can live an amazing life.

Drug Side Effects on the Body

Different substances can cause different types of health issues, but just about every drug damages the heart and brain. The heart is under an immense amount of stress as it tries to function when a person is using any drug. Drugs like cocaine, meth and prescription stimulants increase a person’s heart rate and can weaken the heart valves. These drugs and many others can also damage the heart and lead to different types of heart disease.

One of the major problems with long-term drug use is that it causes a dependency to the drug. Many of the drug side effects are experienced when a person tries to quit the drug and goes through withdrawal. The symptoms of withdrawal occur as the drug begins to leave the system. Some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal can include:

  • Stomach cramping
  • Nausea
  • Body tremors
  • Cold sweats
  • Irritability

To overcome these different withdrawal symptoms, a person should always seek the help of a professional facility. These symptoms can cause even more stress on the heart and the brain and can even lead to cardiac arrest. There are different medications that facilities use to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal and keep a person safe. Detox is also the best way for a person to decrease their chances of relapse.

Mental Drug Side Effects

When a person is abusing drugs on a regular basis, they are doing damage to the cells in the brain. These substances are also changing the chemistry of the brain, which manages how a person functions. There are different chemicals in the brain that are responsible for managing stress and a person’s happiness. Those who abuse substances often suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression as the brain is confused by the influx of foreign chemicals.

Coming off these substances can also cause a variety of different symptoms of mental illness. A person may experience heightened symptoms of anxiety and depression during withdrawal. One of the common symptoms of withdrawal is insomnia as well. Some of these symptoms linger after detox too, so it’s important to see a professional.

Beaches Recovery Helps You Heal

If you’re showing the signs of addiction, allow Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, to help. We understand drug side effects, and we’ll help you begin the healing process. Not only will we help you straighten out mentally and physically, but your relationships will heal too. Through the treatment process, you’ll learn a better way of living, and you’ll see that recovery is possible.

You’ll get the addiction help you need to understand where your addiction came from, and also how your addiction affects your mental health. Our facility specializes in treating co-occurring symptoms of mental illness, which gives you a better chance of recovery. We’re here to help you create the foundation you need to begin a new life of freedom from addiction. You can call us to find out more at 8666050532. Now is a great time to call.