Maybe learning the addiction definition will move this depressed guy to treatment.According to the website, the definition of addiction is as follows: “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.” Unfortunately, knowing the addiction definition has nothing to do with being able to get sober.

The Value of Understanding the Addiction Definition

While knowing the addiction definition will not get you sober, there is some value to be derived from this information. Part of addiction treatment is learning the truth about addiction. That includes understanding how addiction affects the brain and how the addicted brain eventually leads to addictive behaviors.

After gaining some understanding of the physiology of addiction, it becomes easier to understand how your psychological makeup will contribute to your desire to take drugs and/or alcohol. As a comprehensive package, you should be able to use your knowledge of the brain and psychology to get a better idea of what you need to do to abandon addiction. The fact that you now know the addiction definition is nothing more than a step in the right direction.

The Next Step

If you understand the addiction definition, you should be able to determine whether or not you have an addiction that requires addiction help. It’s going to require that you be brutally honest with yourself. While others may express their opinion about the presence of an addiction, it won’t amount to a hill of beans until you are ready to face squarely the fact you do have an addiction illness.

When that time comes, you will be more likely to finally reach out for help. Asking for help is the most important thing you may do in your life. It’s an admission you have an illness and want to fight back against it. Once you start fighting back, the addiction definition becomes less significant and treatment more so.

Going Through Treatment

Remember, going through treatment gives you an opportunity to affirm what you know about your addiction. Depending on the depth of your addiction, you may need to go through a detox process. At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, we are able to provide access to an in-house, medically monitored detox program. By the time your body and mind are clear of residual substances, you will be better prepared to focus on therapy.

In therapy, you will get an opportunity to identify and work on any social or psychological issues that gave rise to your addiction. It’s going to require that you be open and honest about your thoughts and feelings, but doing so will give you a realistic chance at full recovery.

From there, our counselors and clinicians will help you focus on developing the coping and life skills you need to deal with stress and stay clean. The end goal is to reintroduce you into society without the desire to abuse substances.

Additional Information About Beaches Recovery

Our 30-bed, JCAHO accredited facility is considered one of the premier treatment facilities in Florida. That’s quite a distinction, considering it’s considered the rehab capital of the world.

In addition to the aforementioned detox program, we offer a wide range of treatment plans. These plans are indicative of our desire to be able to customize a treatment plan for each of our patients. Our treatment menu includes the following options:

If by learning the addiction definition, you can come to grips with the idea you are suffering from an addiction, it will hopefully prompt you to reach out for help. At Beaches Recovery, we stand ready to give you that help. We want you to pick up the phone and call us at 866.605.0532. With the treatment we can provide, you no longer have to live your life caught in the cycle of addiction.