Man in green shirt at table with knows he needs an alcohol addiction treatment center.As you contemplate what to do about your drug and/or alcohol addiction, you will be faced with several important decisions. At some point, you will likely recognize that getting treatment from a reputable alcohol addiction center is your best option. With that revelation, you will want to consider contacting a top alcohol addiction treatment center for the best care possible.

The Characteristics of a Good Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Using the right criteria, it will be easier for you to distinguish a good alcohol addiction treatment center from a bad one. Given the importance of getting the proper care and treatment, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Instead, you want to take your time and find the best possible treatment facility.

Unfortunately, not all addiction treatment centers have a good reputation. Some facilities operate without the proper accreditation and licensing. These types of facilities tend to treat patients like cattle. They shuffle them in and out as fast as possible, focusing solely on collecting fees. You can avoid these types of treatment facilities if you know what you are looking for from treatment.

On the surface, a good alcohol addiction treatment center is going to carry the proper accreditation from a governing body like JCAHO. The facility will need to be licensed while also requiring its counselors and clinicians to be well-trained and licensed. Additionally, a smaller treatment facility is preferred because it has the ability to offer patients more personalized care.

In this day and age, a top treatment facility should be offering more than traditional inpatient and outpatient treatment options. The addiction treatment industry has expanded its offerings over the last 10 years. Top counselors now recognize the value of providing tailored treatment plans that address the specific needs of each patient.

Other features relevant to patients include amenities and affordability. Patients prefer an alcohol addiction treatment center that offers activities and time for socialization. They also prefer treatment centers they can afford and that accept health insurance as a payment option.

How Does Beaches Recovery Measure Up?

At our Beaches Recovery facility in Jacksonville, Florida, we are proud to report we can check all the boxes for the characteristics mentioned above. We do have the appropriate credentials and we do employ staff members with the proper credentials. Beaches also has a reasonably sized facility 30 beds for residential treatment. We also accept insurance from most major healthcare providers—Aetna, BCBS, Humana, VA CCN and Magellan—as a payment option.

As far as our treatment philosophy is concerned, we prefer to treat our patients as unique individuals with unique circumstances. With this philosophy in mind, we currently provide the following services:

The Treatment Process at a Good Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

The quality of addiction recovery is determined by the quality of the treatment process. When indicated, patients will clear their minds and bodies of harmful substances in our detox program. This allows them to better focus on treatment and addiction counseling.

A viable treatment plan provides patients with two things. The first is a solid education about their addiction. This should include insight to the proximate cause of their addiction. The other thing patients need from treatment is coping skills. The best way for them to avoid relapses is to understand their triggers and how to cope with them without turning to drugs or alcohol.

If the cycle of addiction, rehab, and relapse has you in its grip, it might be time for you to seek treatment. If you are looking for a premier treatment center, you need not look any further than Beaches Recovery. By calling us at 866.605.0532, you will be taking the all-important first step towards a lasting recovery from your addiction.