Alcohol dependence has this man with hands to face, depressed.The sad thing about someone becoming addicted to alcohol is they are usually the last person to realize their plight. They often retreat into denial because facing the fact they suffer from an addiction would indicate they need to stop drinking and seek help. Make no mistake about, alcoholism is an insidious disease that destroys a person’s soul and spirit. If left untreated, alcohol dependence can result in permanent physical and mental problems, financial ruin, jail and/or death.

The Personal Problems You Might Be Having With Alcohol Dependence

In the throes of an addiction to alcohol, you have probably seen a disruption in your day-to-day life. Your relationships might be strained and you might be facing issues at work with your boss, subordinates or other employees. Most likely, there has been a significant change in your demeanor and personality, which might have you on the outs with people who are normally an important part of your life.

If your alcohol dependence situation is nearing a bottom or begins to get worse as the days pass, you could eventually find yourself facing issues with law enforcement. This could be related to driving violations while under the influence, disorderly conduct issues in public or burglary charges related to your attempts to steal in order to get money for alcohol. In many cases, people with drinking problems end up with financial issues that land them in bankruptcy court. All of these things are typical issues associated with drinking problems.

The Physical and Emotional Problems You Might Be Having With Alcohol Dependence

The physical issues related to alcohol dependence are no less severe. Remember, alcohol is a drug. As such, it creates health issues related to blood pressure and the heart. Your facial area may begin to show redness on the cheek and nose area. Stomach issues like gastritis can appear, causing weight loss and an uneven appetite. Also, the liver can incur irreversible damage over a long period of time. Finally, depression and sadness can easily become part of the emotional package that comes with your drinking.

Seeking Help at Beaches Recovery

When facing any and all of the above problems, you will hopefully come to realize you need help. At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, we provide the kind of first-class addiction treatment services that can save your life.

In your fight against alcohol dependence, the treatment process could very well start at a recommended partner detox center in the local area. Once you have had an opportunity to safely get through the withdrawal and detox process, your body and mind should be better suited for the rigors of treatment.

In our 30-bed facility, our counselors and clinicians work together to develop a treatment plan that is suited to your specific needs. The treatment options used could include any of the following programs:

  • Inpatient residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Partial hospitalization followed by outpatient treatment
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for psychological issues
  • Aftercare programs that include transitional and sober living options

The ultimate goal of treatment is to educate about your addiction and provide you with the life skills you will need to stay focused on recovery and avoid relapses.

If your life is in turmoil because of a drinking problem, it’s incumbent on you to reach down inside and do the right thing. Admit you are ill and ask for help. When you do, Beaches Recovery will be there to help you find the road to recovery. All it takes to set your life straight is a call to our facility at 8666050532. After that, a new beginning could be yours.