The causes of substance abuse don't matter when you're suffering like this young woman against the wall.If you’re struggling with an addiction or have a loved one who is, you may be wondering how it happened. Addiction is difficult to understand because most of the people in the world can drink or use drugs without a problem. But, there are also people out there who continue to drink or use drugs even though it’s damaging their lives. Knowing what the causes of substance abuse are can help you find some of the answers that you may be searching for.

This will help you understand that you’ve been incapable of controlling your alcohol or drug use. For loved ones, it may show that you’re not to blame, and your addicted loved one is very sick. With some of this knowledge, you’ll also see that there is a solution and a way to recover.

Age and the Causes of Substance Abuse

The first risk factor when it comes to substance abuse is a person’s age, and young people are much more susceptible to experimenting. Adults often forget how difficult it is to be a teenager and young adult and finding one’s place in the world. Being young can be very stressful and difficult, and many young people don’t know how to cope. Here are some of the leading reasons as to why young people try drugs or alcohol:

  • To be cool – One study shows high school students gauged how cool a person was based on the amount of drugs he or she does.
  • Stress – Academics, sports, relationships and friendships can all be causes of stress in a young person’s life.
  • Impulse control issues – Young people haven’t had the brain development yet to control their impulses.
  • Mixed messages – Drug prevention classes sometimes fail because young people see celebrities abusing alcohol and drugs. Young people sometimes associate drugs and alcohol with success.
  • Fear of talking about it – Another study shows that young people are afraid to ask about drugs and alcohol for fear of getting in trouble.
  • Mental illness – Mental illness most commonly develops between the ages of 14 and 24. Young people are unaware of how to deal with the symptoms so self-medication begins.

Mental Disorders Lead in Causes of Substance Abuse

Whether you’re a teenager, a young adult or someone who is older, mental illness can be confusing and difficult. There is a stigma about mental illness as well as a lack of awareness, so many people don’t get the help they need. When a person doesn’t realize that what’s happening to them may be the development of a mental illness, they may ignore getting addiction help. Rather than seeking the help of a doctor or therapist, many people turn to drugs and alcohol to feel better.

Genetic Causes of Substance Abuse

One of the leading causes of a substance addiction is when a person has a genetic predisposition because it runs in the family. When addiction runs in a family tree, a person’s chances of developing an addiction are about 50 percent. Much like other illnesses that run in a family, there are some people who may never develop an addiction. There are also cases in which the genetic component of addiction doesn’t develop until later in life.

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