The Signs and Symptoms of Xanax AddictionXanax is one of the most prescribed anxiety medications in the United States. Children and adults alike are given this medication to help with panic attacks and severe anxiety. Due to its wide use, some people might think that Xanax is safer to use than other prescription medications. Xanax addiction can happen, though, and people who become addicted can face severe health problems or even death if they’re able to stop their drug abuse problems.

Signs That Someone You Know Has A Xanax Addiction

It doesn’t matter how well individuals cover up their Xanax addiction, signs are always going to peek through. They might start out small at first, but over time they will become clearer. Behavioral and physical signs of

Xanax addiction include:

  • Isolation
  • Loss of Interest
  • Loss of Focus
  • Loss of Coordination
  • Drowsiness
  • Mood Swings
  • Slurred Speech
  • Tremors

A Xanax user’s environment can also indicate if there’s a problem with addiction. There can be more pill bottles than normal in the trash, as well as in the medicine cabinet or around the house. Some users might hide their pills in easy-to-access areas like around their beds or under items in drawers.

Many people struggling with a Xanax addiction are also going to make a lot of doctors appointments in order to get the drugs they think they need. They won’t always make appointments with the same doctors either, which means that they can keep getting regular access to Xanax whenever they need it. This is especially true if they pick up their prescriptions in different stores.

The Long-Term Effects Of Xanax Addiction

Xanax is designed to suppress the central nervous system by blocking some of the neurotransmitters responsible for making people feel anxious or afraid. That’s why after taking Xanax people usually feel calm and clear. People with a Xanax addiction aren’t likely to feel that mellowness when they take the medication as it has been prescribed. Instead, Xanax abusers have to take more of the medication than usual in order to feel the same calmness as they did when they first began using the drug.

Since it suppresses the central nervous system, Xanax can disrupt necessary body functions like breathing and heart rate. People who take more Xanax in one sitting than they should open themselves up to overdosing and even death.

How To Properly Deal With A Xanax Addiction

You shouldn’t try to stop using Xanax on your own. If you’re addicted, stopping Xanax use can cause several health issues including seizures, extreme anxiety, and an increase in blood pressure. Beaches Recovery can help.

At Beaches Recovery, you’ll meet with medical professionals on a daily basis who will help you learn how to cope without Xanax. During your stay with us, you’ll go through treatment programs that are designed to help you learn about your addiction and teach you how to be yourself without relying on addictive substances. Each of our programs is adaptable to your needs. If you’re not getting what you need out of a program, you can speak with one of our trained staff members and they’ll help morph the program to fit you, your issues, and the lessons you need to learn.

Help With Xanax Addiction Is Only A Phone Call Away

You don’t have to keep struggling with addiction. Reach out to Beaches Recovery to start your safe addiction treatment with us. Call us today at 8666050532 so we can talk about your treatment options.