For this woman looking out the window, the treatments for drug abuse include mindfulness training.There’s no easy route to getting sober when you’ve lived a life of substance abuse. What people don’t understand is that their brain has become accustomed to turning to drugs whenever different situations, thoughts and emotions arise. It may take some work in order to heal the mind. Going to treatment is the best way to get sober and stay sober. Sobriety happens by going through different types of therapies that are designed to rewire the brain so you no longer have to try to turn to drugs for a solution. Treatments for drug abuse at a qualified treatment facility give you options so you’ll get the best care for you.

Individualized Treatments for Drug Abuse

Each person who becomes addicted to drugs has had their own path that led them to drugs. This can be due to a traumatic childhood, mental illness or just a longing to look for an escape from reality. Not only does each person have their own story, but each person also learns in their own way. While some people may prefer treatments for drug abuse that are more spiritually based, others may prefer forms of art therapy or talk therapy to get through their issues. Some of the therapies that a treatment facility will offer you may include:

Aside from this assortment of therapies, you’ll also be involved in individual and group therapy sessions. Individual sessions with a therapist will give you ease and comfort if you have parts of your past that you prefer to discuss in private. A therapist will help guide you through these memories, thoughts and emotions and provide you with suggestions for ways to heal without using drugs. The group sessions are highly beneficial because you’ll receive support from your peers and realize that you’re not alone.

Experiential Therapy

Throughout addiction, individuals lose sight of the important things in life, and the mind also tells the person that there’s no way to enjoy life without drugs. Experiential therapy is meant to show people in treatment that there is an amazing life waiting for him or her in sobriety. With drugs being out of the picture, one must find new ways to find pleasure, and the foundation for this can include outdoor activities like hiking, riding horses and other types of physical activities.

Art Therapy as Treatments for Drug Abuse

There are an endless amount of ways for a person to express themselves, which is why art therapy is so beneficial for those recovering from a drug addiction. Art can take the form of drawing, playing an instrument, singing, writing or dancing, and these are all great ways to express emotions that may have been bottled up inside. Part of recovery is learning how to replace old, toxic behaviors like drug use with healthy new behaviors, and this is the perfect way. This helps greatly with subduing cravings, but it’s also a way to deal with anger, depression, stress and PTSD. These skills are something you can continue to use for years to come.

Beaches Recovery provides clients with different types of treatments for drug abuse because we want to give you a program that suits your specific needs. Our facility is JCAHO accredited in substance abuse counseling, and we’ll gladly work with your insurance company when you come to treatment. At Beaches Recovery, you’ll find a new passion for living and see that you don’t have to live in addiction if you don’t want to. Please don’t hesitate to call us today at 8666050532. We’re ready for you.