Of all the dangerous drugs, opiates are some of the most powerful and dangerous. What makes some of them uniquely dangerous is their legality. That is, there are opiates that you are given by your doctor. Fortunately, if you or a loved one has been struggling with an addiction to opiates, opiate abuse treatment is available.

About Opiate Addiction

Sad man on balcony contemplating opiate abuse treatment.An opiate is any drug that is derived from opium, which comes from the Asian poppy plant. It can be confusing to discern between opioids and opiates. Generally speaking, however, opiates are all opium-derived drugs, and opioids are the synthetic versions of opiates.

For example, both heroin and the prescription drug fentanyl are opiates, but only fentanyl is an opioid. That’s because fentanyl is a synthetic version of opium.

The truth is that both heroin and prescription pain medications are extremely dangerous. They are highly addictive and can cause serious negative health effects almost right away.

Today, you may have heard politicians speaking of the opioid crisis. This is no overstatement of what is going on in the United States. Opioid drug abuse and addiction have gone out of control, and many decent Americans are paying the price for addiction. Only opiate abuse treatment can help.

How Prescription Pill Addiction Turns Into Heroin Addiction

One of the common occurrences of opiate abuse is the transition from prescription pill abuse to heroin abuse. This is not an unnatural transition because the effects of heroin and prescription pain pills are essentially the same. Furthermore, there are several reasons why an individual might end up needing to transition to heroin from prescription pain pills.

First, heroin is less expensive than illegal pain pills. An addiction to pain pills can become almost immediately too expensive to sustain. Therefore, heroin is the next best thing. Next — and somewhat surprisingly for some — heroin is easier to find than prescription pain pills. These days, it is sold everywhere.

If you’re struggling with an opiate addiction, it is essential that you seek opiate abuse treatment as soon as possible. This must be done at a professional opiate addiction rehab center like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. Beaches Recovery treats opiate abuse as well as other forms of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

What to Expect at Opiate Abuse Treatment

Going into opiate abuse treatment can be nerve-wracking for many people. It’s difficult to know what to expect.

At Beaches Recovery, started in Tides Edge detox, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible treatment for your opiate addiction. Our goal is to create a unique plan that is all about you and your needs. A rough, general schedule will be provided, but your days will be structured according to your particular situation.

When you enter our intake process, you will speak directly with one of our intake specialists. This individual will help you choose a general program for your treatment here at Beaches Recovery. Our programs include the following:

Once you choose an overall program, you will begin your treatment at Beaches Recovery with detox. For some, the prospect of detox is frightening. During this time, you will stop using opiates of any kind. You will stop all drug and alcohol use. This will put your body into withdrawal, which can cause uncomfortable and painful symptoms.

Fortunately, you will be in good hands with Beaches Recovery Detox at Tides Edge. We will help you stay comfortable and safe during withdrawal.

After detox, you will enter therapy treatment. During this time, you will work with counselors and therapists. You may attend one-on-one sessions with these professionals and/or group sessions. Family therapy is also available.

Reach Out to Beaches Recovery Today

Beaches Recovery is here to help you if you are struggling with an opiate addiction. Call us today at 866.605.0532 to learn about our opiate abuse treatment programs. One of our intake specialists would be happy to speak with you about your treatment options.

You deserve better than opiate addiction. Don’t let addiction control you anymore. Call us today and get started toward your new, drug-free life.