By any measure, meth has succeeded in becoming the most popular designer drug in America. With that comes a meth drug abuse problem that plagues the US. It’s no surprise that recreational drug users support this substance. It’s readily available and affordable. Still, meth comes with a lot of bad baggage. It creates an environment where crime continues rising. It also offers nothing but eventual harm to anyone who might fall prey to its grip. Enter meth drug abuse treatment.

The Truth About Crystal Meth

Counselor convincing young woman about rehab for meth drug abuseTo better understand the meth drug abuse problem, we will take a look at the drug and its properties. Any illicit drug that dealers have to manufacture in a lab warrant in-depth scrutiny. The first thing people should know about meth is that it’s made from a variety of dangerous chemicals. Several of these chemicals can be toxic if taken in large doses. Let us not forget how often we hear about meth labs that explode. These exploding labs are making a substance that humans are putting into their body.

Sure, meth gives the user a high, a sort of euphoria. However, it comes at a very high price. The reality is that meth is one of the most highly addictive substances. Much like heroin or painkillers, it doesn’t take much meth drug abuse to turn into a severe addiction problem. It doesn’t matter if the user chooses to smoke it, snort it or inject it. The substance is just pure evil.

In the next section, we will describe meth abuse symptoms. Combined with the withdrawal symptoms encountered when they stop using meth, it becomes clear meth has no redeeming value. It’s simply a rogue substance that’s leaving a terrible scar on the face of America.

The Symptoms of Meth Drug Abuse

For the most part, meth drug abuse looks very similar to cocaine abuse. The user will likely show some of the same signs of addiction. The list of short-term effects includes erratic or violent behavior, sleeping issues, anxiety, and paranoia. The long-term effects are more physical in nature. A meth addict might have dental problems, experience hallucinations, develop sores on their body or develop psychosis. This partial list should shock no one. After all, the drug is made with harmful chemicals.

Meth Drug Abuse Treatment

Hopefully, the meth user will eventually tire of these horrible side effects. When they are ready to seek meth drug abuse treatment, they will have a significant hill to climb. It’s not something they can do on their own. They will need help from a reputable drug rehab facility like Beaches Recovery.

Not surprisingly, the treatment process almost always starts with medically-monitored detox programs. The potential withdrawal symptoms include convulsions, stomach issues, irritability, nausea, vomiting, breathing problems and possible hallucinations. After detox, there’s much work for the patient to do in therapy. They need to learn more about why they would choose to abuse such a dangerous substance. With hard work, they can use this information to develop some healthy coping skills. These are the skills they will need to avoid relapse in the future.

Meth Drug Abuse Treatment at Beaches Recovery

Throughout the years, our counselors at Beaches Recovery have dealt with far too many meth patients. Proudly, we have done so with much success. The secret to this success is our methodology. We treat each patient as a unique individual with unique circumstances. To assure adequate treatment for all, we build our treatment programs around one of these options:

If you have fallen victim to meth drug abuse, we encourage you to get out before the damage mounts. You do have options. Once you are ready to ask for help, you can rest assured Beaches Recovery will administer that help during a meth drug abuse treatment program, starting with meth detox. You can contact our Jacksonville, Florida rehab facility at 866.605.0532. After spending time under the thumb of meth, you will notice how good the world looks through a clear mind and eyes.