Young man with chin on hands looking toward a future after methadone treatment in Florida.Are you one of the millions of Americans who has developed a dependency to an opioid medication like methadone? Stopping the abuse of such a powerfully addictive substance will be one of the most difficult fights of your life, but you can do it at a professional methadone treatment in Florida.

What is Methadone?

Methadone is an opioid medication that is prescribed by physicians to help minimize withdrawal symptoms in individuals who are addicted to heroin and other opiate drugs. It goes by brand names Dolophine, Methadose, and others. Methadone helps to ease the withdrawal process without creating the “high” that drug users crave.

Similar to other opioids, methadone is also prescribed as a pain reliever. The fact that it is so readily prescribed by physicians as a form of pain relief following surgery or injury has contributed to the increased need for methadone treatment in Florida and other places in the U.S.

Unfortunately, many people who use methadone to quit heroin and other narcotic drugs wind up addicted to the very substance that was prescribed to help them. This happens most commonly when individuals begin using methadone more often or in larger doses than they are prescribed. Even so, some people develop a dependency even when they take the medication exactly as prescribed. Regardless of how the dependency develops, methadone treatment in Florida is the best possible way to truly overcome this powerful addiction

Side Effects of Methadone Addiction

In addition to having an addictive nature, methadone also poses many other possible side effects. Some of these include:

  • Breathing becomes slow or stops altogether
  • Heart rhythm disorder which is life-threatening in some cases
  • Feelings of anxiety, nervousness, or restlessness
  • Disrupted sleeping patterns
  • Feeling weak or drowsy
  • Dry mouth that may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, or loss of appetite

Because of these possible side effects, individuals who have asthma, any breathing problems, or a bowel obstruction called paralytic ileus should not take methadone.

Methadone Treatment in Florida to Beat Addiction and Dependency

If you or a loved one are caught in the ugly cycle of methadone abuse and addiction, it is time to seek outside help from a reliable and professional source. At our accredited facility, Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, we can not only help you get clean, but we will teach you useful life skills and techniques for resisting drugs and alcohol that you can use to prevent future relapse. Long-term sobriety is achievable if you are willing to put in the time and effort that your health deserves.

Some of the services we offer at Beaches Recovery include:

With our methadone treatment in Florida, individuals can learn how to live without any mind-altering substances, while also regaining their self-confidence, independence, and motivation. Support and counseling with our experienced therapists gives individuals the opportunity to learn even more about themselves and their addiction triggers, and learn how to prevent relapse once treatment has been completed. Life-lasting sobriety is the goal we aim to help you achieve at our center.

Methadone Treatment in Florida is Available Now

Don’t wait to seek help for your methadone addiction. The disease has the power to significantly alter your life–even take your life–if you give it the opportunity. The longer you wait to seek addiction help, the more likely you are to suffer from one of the possible side effects of methadone dependency. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, can help you end the abuse and learn to lead a healthy and drug-free life. To learn more about methadone addiction or any other drug or alcohol addiction, give us a call. Our compassionate experts want to help you to a much better way of life. The number is 8666050532.