Man in sweatshirt wants to know which are the mind altering drugs.There are many different substances out there that people abuse, but you may be wondering which are mind altering drugs. Drugs that are mind altering are ones that produce changes in mood or a distorted perception. Within this category is just about every illicit drug, and alcohol can be in this category as well. Whenever a person uses drugs, there’s a chance that they will do things that they wouldn’t normally do while sober.

Different drugs have different effects on the mind, and some people react differently to different substances. Some drugs will bring a person up, and others can calm a person down, but sometimes there’s no telling. Each drug gives a certain type of feeling, but there are people who have adverse reactions. There’s no telling what type of a reaction a person will have to a mind altering drug on first use.

Uppers Are Mind Altering Drugs

People use various uppers for different reasons, but mainly these drugs keep a person awake and alert. Some people use uppers as a way to get extra work done or study for a big test coming up. There are other uppers that people may use to help counteract the effects of alcohol so they won’t be drunk. One of the issues with drinking while on uppers is that the body can’t tell you when you’ve had too much.

Some mind altering uppers include:

  • Powder cocaine
  • Rock cocaine
  • Prescription amphetamines
  • Methamphetamine

While on uppers like cocaine, a person can experience different alterations to his or her mood and perception. When on this drug, a person may feel much more powerful than normal, and it can cause aggression. There are many people who die while on cocaine from a sense of invincibility that leads to accidents. Long-term meth use can cause different forms of psychosis and hallucinations.

Downers are Mind Altering Too

Different mind altering drugs can calm down a person and make them feel relaxed and euphoric. While on downers, a person can feel as though they don’t have a care in the world. Downers slow down the nervous system, and this is what can give a person a sense of relaxation. There are some people who get a boost of energy from downers, but it quickly fades.

Some mind altering downers include:

  • Prescription opiates and opioids
  • Heroin
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Barbiturates

Why So Many Mind Altering Drugs?

Every drug falls into this category due to the fact that each one increases dopamine flow in the brain. When a person is abusing any drug for a long time, the brain is getting dopamine in excess, which leads to a dependence. Even if a person is abusing marijuana, the brain chemistry changes and a person now needs the drug. Without the drug, the mind causes a psychological dependence and side effects, which is why detox can be difficult.

Some people believe that hallucinogenic like acid and PCP and others are the only mind altering drugs. These drugs do alter the mind as well and give a person a distorted perception of reality due to chemical changes. While on these drugs, a person may see things that aren’t there, or it may seem like normal objects are changing. There are people who have adverse reactions to drugs like marijuana, which makes marijuana act like another hallucinogen.

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