Woman taking over the counter drugs may not realize that they are somewhat addictive.When people think of drug addiction, they typically think about prescription or illegal street drugs. While these are usually the most common types of drugs that people abuse, they aren’t the only ones. People also abuse over the counter drugs in different ways. The side effects and addiction that come with abusing these types of drugs are just as dangerous.

What Are Over the Counter Drugs?

Over the counter drugs refer to medications that people can buy from a store without a prescription. These types of drugs typically include cold medicine, mild pain relievers such as aspirin, supplements and sleep aids.

The reason why these types of drugs are available over the counter is because they’re generally safe to take. However, they can be dangerous when people don’t take them properly.

The Growing Abuse of Over the Counter Medicines

In most cases, it’s harder for people to develop addictions to over the counter drugs. It’s also harder for people to achieve a “high” or state of euphoria with these types of drugs, also. If it’s harder to achieve a high with these drugs, why is abuse on the rise?

Experts believe that the increase in abuse is because of a few factors. First, these drugs are easier for people to get. It’s harder to get high, but they can walk into nearly any store and buy them without a prescription. These drugs are also cheaper than their illegal counterparts.

Cough Medicine

Cough medicine or dextromethorphan is an over the counter drug that people commonly abuse. The reason is that the active ingredient causes hallucinations in high doses. Many people keep cough medicine in their homes, so it’s not hard to get.

Along with causing hallucinations, the active ingredient can slow motor functions. Experts say that it happens because the area of the brain that handles the coughing reflex also handles other motor skills.

Abusing cough medicine can lead to rapid heart rate, vomiting, and blurred vision. Extended abuse can lead to irreversible brain damage. People who abuse cough medicine have to get help quickly.

Motion Sickness Pills

Other over the counter drugs that people abuse include motion sickness pills or dimenhydrinate. These pills help treat people who suffer from vertigo or motion sickness. In high doses, these pills can produce a high. Once again, this is a result of how these pills interact with the brain to prevent motion sickness.

Like cough medicine, motion sickness pills can cause a number of health problems. In large doses, they can cause irregular heart rate, seizures, and nausea. Continued use can result in a coma or even death.

Get Help for Your Drug Addiction at Beaches Recovery

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