Reclaim Your life Through Heroin Rehab in Florida Alcohol Rehab For WomenAlcohol Rehab for Women in Jacksonville Saves Lives

If you’re a woman in Jacksonville who is addicted to alcohol or if your loved one has an alcohol problem, you need professional alcohol rehab for women, and we can help. Over the years, alcohol rehab for women has been shown time and again to be the most effective method for overcoming alcohol addiction.

The alcohol rehab for women program at Beaches Recovery targets females who have had their lives taken over by alcohol and who are ready to start anew. Treating women with a separate program is effective because studies indicate that women require varied treatment when it comes to addiction of any kind. The goal is to cater directly to you as an individual, and we find that women have different needs than men.

Confidentiality and Privacy Are Key

At Beaches Recovery, we know that admitting you have an alcoholism problem can be very difficult. Of course, you don’t want to admit this problem to your close friends or relatives, and you likely don’t even want to admit it to yourself.

For many women, this is what holds them back when it comes to attending professional treatment or trying to tough it out alone. A lot of women with alcoholism problems feel embarrassed, guilty and shameful about their addiction issues, and they never say a word to anyone as a result.

At Beaches Recovery, we’ve seen this happen frequently, and we completely understand. But we want you to know that our treatment plans are 100% confidential and private. No one has to know that you’re getting treatment for alcoholism if you don’t want them to. We take the utmost care to ensure that all of our patients’ information is kept confidential and secure at all times.

Beaches Recovery Offers the Best Alcohol Rehab for Women

There are several different types of treatment programs that can be taken advantage of when you start looking at alcohol addiction treatment for women. For example, you may decide to enter either an inpatient treatment program or an outpatient treatment program. The length of treatment will also depend on what you and your doctors and health advisers think is right for you.

Inpatient treatment is often very intensive, and you will need to spend all of your time on campus. This can be beneficial to some individuals, but others will find that outpatient care, such as IOP or PHP programs, gives them more freedom and allows them to stay in treatment longer. When patients stay in treatment longer, research has shown that they end up staying sober for longer periods of time as well. At Beaches Recovery, we have some 60- and 90-day extended care treatment plans that will greatly benefit those who have a more severe alcohol addiction, and for those individuals who feel the 14- to 28-day initial treatment period is simply not enough for them.

Going through outpatient treatment can give you more flexibility as well. Everyone leads a busy lifestyle, and taking three or four months out of the year to attend inpatient treatment may not be feasible for a lot of women.

If you like the idea of attending outpatient treatment for your rehab problem, please call us today at 8666050532 to get more information about the treatment programs we offer. Remember, healing is possible, and it begins at Beaches Recovery.