Heroin Rehab For WomenFinding Help for Your Heroin Addiction in Jacksonville

If you’re a female with a heroin addiction or if you know a woman close to you who has this addiction, Beaches Recovery’s heroin rehab for women program in Jacksonville can help. Realizing the need for heroin rehab for women can be a challenge for many people. You may be feeling lost, guilty, depressed, lonesome and many other emotions right now.

Our heroin rehab for women program is beneficial for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is also the most obvious—the fact that it’s catered for women specifically. Research has shown that women need different treatment for heroin addiction than men. This individualized form of care also enables Beaches Recovery to alter your treatment based on your personality type and your specific history of addiction.

The Benefits of a Quality Heroin Rehab for Women Program

Heroin rehab for women offers many other special benefits as well:

  • You will get the best care possible for heroin addiction. Our professionals have successfully helped hundreds of individuals rid themselves of drug habits, and they can help you too. The care environment is warm, friendly and welcoming.
  • We are confidential and secure. You can trust Beaches Recovery to keep all of your personal information confidential, and our facilities are completely secure as well.
  • You’ll get the best peer support. That helps in different ways than therapy alone. Support groups can help you learn to empathize with others while they empathize and support you. You will create symbiotic relationships that may last longer far beyond treatment.
  • You won’t be put on a strict plan that monitors your every move. Our IOP and PHP programs allow you to get the best treatment for heroin addiction while also giving you a degree of much-needed freedom.
  • You’ll be free from distractions while you’re here. Getting away from your home environment is vital to your recovery because it enables you to focus completely of your efforts to kick heroin.
  • You’ll be comfortable discussing your situation. With a single gender treatment plan, heroin rehab for women empowers women to bring up and discuss issues that may be sensitive. These are issues that you might not feel comfortable talking about if men are present.

Could You Benefit From Heroin Rehab in Jacksonville?

If you have realized that you require heroin rehab for women, you’ll need to find a quality therapy program, and we can help you do that at Beaches Recovery. We have a treatment program that focuses solely on women, in addiction to another that focuses on men.

It doesn’t matter if you have had experience with professional treatment or not. We offer the highest possible level of care for mild to serious heroin addictions in women. Past patients have preferred our outpatient style of treatment because it allows you to continue on with your life while you also focus fully on getting better and kicking your drug habit. You may go through a more intense first period of treatment, during which you’ll spend more time on campus and in therapy and programs.

After that, extended treatment can help you return to your lifestyle and continue on with the sobriety you’ve achieved. Many studies have revealed that the longer the treatment, the better the expected success.

When you’re ready to take this next step and start your heroin recovery call Beaches Recovery today at 8666050532. Healing begins here.