Happy Woman Realizing That Beaches Recovery Accepts Anthem Health InsuranceBeing stuck in the cycle of drug use can make you feel powerless and hopeless in your situation. Someone using drugs frequently has made use their top priority and is often left in financial, relationship and emotional ruin. The thought of going to treatment is not even an option for them. If you’ve been able to maintain your job and still have Anthem Health insurance for drug rehab, or you’re still on your parent’s health insurance plan, you can get the help you need. Health insurance can help you get treatment for drug addiction rehabilitation, but you need to know what to look for.

Accreditation is Key for Anthem Health Insurance for Drug Rehab

The Affordable Care Act created a law years ago that states that health insurance companies must provide health insurance coverage for drug rehab services. Even though Anthem Health Insurance for drug rehab is provided by law, Anthem gets to choose which treatment centers they work with. If you have Anthem Health Insurance, you’ll need to find an accredited drug rehab facility. The expense of drug rehab services are reviewed by health insurance companies. They want to ensure that they’re working with a facility using methods with high success rates based on sound therapeutic programs.

Accreditation is awarded to facilities that use evidence-based treatment methods. Beaches Recovery is JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) accredited. That means that your Anthem Health Insurance for drug rehab will be accepted by Beaches Recovery, and you can rest assured you’re getting the best treatment possible.

Types of Treatment Anthem Health Insurance for Drug Rehab Covers

You’ll be able to transition through different levels of care when you’re using your Anthem health insurance at Beaches Recovery. Starting out with residential treatment, you’ll be staying at the facility and attending programs throughout the day. This allows you to have full focus on yourself and your recovery. This is extremely important for anyone who has been struggling with addiction for months or years. Many times, people aren’t safe from themselves and starting out in an outpatient program is dangerous. Residential treatment programs are the best place for patients to build a foundation of recovery before transitioning to a step-down level of care.

When you begin feeling better mentally and physically, you’ll be able to transition to the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). PHP is a little more freedom, but you’ll have medical monitoring because you may still have some physical symptoms of withdrawal or other medical issues that may need to be monitored. If you’re feeling well enough, you may be transitioned to the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). IOP is a transition for those who are doing exceptionally well in their program and are ready to have freedom to the outside world as well as some accountability.

Having a Strong Aftercare Plan

With your health insurance, we’ll provide you with a strong aftercare plan so you can continue to get the help that you need when you leave treatment. The best way to stay sober is to continue getting the treatment that you need. This can simply be by following up with a primary care doctor or a therapist. We’ll provide you with different resources so you can feel confident that you’ll be able to continue to strengthen your recovery once you leave Beaches Recovery.

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