Man Who Wants to Use Assurant Health Insurance For Drug RehabIf you are planning to use Assurant Health Insurance for drug rehab, it’s important to make sure your health plan does not terminate before using it to cover rehab. Most Assurant plans are set to terminate sometime in 2016 as the insurance provider exits the health market. Assurant recommends patients keep their coverage until it ends and then get in on an open enrollment period to purchase new health insurance. The provider also assures patients that coverage will continue as normal until the plan actually terminates.

Assurant announced its plans to exit the health insurance market in June of 2015 and proceeded to sell many of its assets and business operations to National General Holdings Corp. Because Assurant has assured patients that coverage will continue like normal until their plan ends, you can still use Assurant Health Insurance for drug rehab by checking with the drug rehab center to see if they take Assurant. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida is a JCAHO accredited rehab center that works with many insurance providers and can help you confirm whether your Assurant plan is valid for rehab.

How to Use Assurant Health Insurance for Drug Rehab

Due to the Affordable Care Act requiring health insurance companies to provide coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you can generally get coverage for treatment if you are enrolled in a health insurance plan. If you have a valid Assurant Health Insurance plan, you can get coverage for treatment at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. Not everything is covered by the Affordable Care Act stipulations, but if you check with your Assurant Health Plan, they should be able to tell you what will be covered. You can also contact Beaches Recovery directly to find out what your Assurant Health Plan will cover at our facility.

Detox and rehabilitation, through a professional addiction treatment center, is the best way to get free from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that is very difficult, if not impossible, to recover from on your own. Sometimes those seeking treatment end up feeling discouraged by the cost of rehab, but the good news is that if you carry health insurance you have the option of getting many associated costs covered. Simply verify with Beaches Recovery to find out what is covered.

What to Expect When You Choose Assurant Health Insurance for Drug Rehab at Beaches

Beaches Recovery offers a residential treatment in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida, an area known for its amazing beaches and warm weather. Beaches focuses on providing patients with unique treatment plans for their situation, including gender-specific treatment, treatment for students and first-responders. Addiction is not a generalized problem that is the same for everyone, but is rather tailored to each person’s unique set of circumstances and mental health condition among other factors. Quality treatment centers like Beaches understand this and strive to provide flexible and personalized treatment for all patients.

Beaches Recovery offers residential treatment, PHP, intensive outpatient treatment, general outpatient, sober living and a 12-step approach. However, that’s just the beginning as Beaches also offers a range of therapies including a non-12 step approach, music therapy, group therapy, equine therapy and much more. We can build you a recovery program perfectly suited to your individual situation.

If you want to get free of your addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s important to take that first step of seeking help today. Call Beaches Recovery at 8666050532 to verify your insurance and provide you more information about our programs.