Woman Wondering If She Can Use Cambia Health Solutions For Drug RehabTo start, most qualified facilities will accept Cambia Health Solutions for drug rehab. The Affordable Care Act enables those suffering from addiction to find professional help.

Cambia Health Solutions is a large, nonprofit health insurance provider that has over 20 companies and sells health insurance under several well-known subsidiaries including Regence, LifeMap and Asuris Northwest Health among others.

If you decide to use Cambia Health Solutions for drug rehab, make sure the facility in question accepts your insurance. Even though Cambia is available in all 50 states, not all rehab facilities accept all insurance providers, so it’s best to check with the facility to see what’s covered.

Mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse disorders are all considered treatable under the Affordable Care Act, and specific benefits depend on the health plan and state. If you have a pre-existing substance abuse disorder, plans can’t deny you benefits for treatment purposes.

Using Cambia Health Solutions for Drug Rehab at an Accredited Facility

When you use Cambia Health Solutions at a JCAHO accredited drug rehab facility like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, you’ll know you’re getting quality treatment. JCAHO accreditation for substance abuse treatment facilities means that the facility meets or exceeds industry standards in safety, quality of care and treatment methods. Certain insurance companies may also require JCAHO accreditation in order to reimburse you for various services at these facilities.

Beaches offers a variety of treatment programs, including:

We provide the highest quality care that exceeds the usual standards of treatment in the drug rehab industry.

Cambia Health Solutions for Drug Rehab Programs and Treatment

Beaches Recovery patients enter into a unique and personalized treatment plan that zeros in on their specific needs. We use evidence-based methods of treatment to battle addiction, giving patients the best chance at a lasting recovery. When you rehabilitate your life at Beaches, you can start down the path of sober living with the freedom from addiction you have always wanted. Even if your previous experience with rehab resulted in failure or relapse, you can still gain an addiction-free life through Beaches Recovery’s high-quality treatment programs.

There are still many misconceptions about addiction, including the idea that it’s just a matter of willpower and personal fortitude. These damaging ideas lead many people to attempt getting free of addiction by themselves. Unfortunately, this is generally an impossible task that can be even more complicated by serious withdrawal symptoms or co-occurring disorders. The only real answer to addiction is professional treatment.

Don’t keep living your life under the burden of addiction. Call Beaches today at 8666050532 to verify your insurance or speak with admissions about our various programs.