Woman Trying to Figure Out If She Can Use Centene Corporation For Drug RehabCentene Corporation is one of the leading healthcare providers for government healthcare and is also a Fortune 500 company. Thanks to recent developments with the Affordable Care Act, you can now use Centene Corporation for drug rehab.


How Centene Corporation for Drug Rehab and Detox Works

Not every aspect of addiction treatment is covered through the Affordable Care Act. It may vary by insurance provider and it’s important to check with your chosen recovery center as well as Centene Corporation. When you use a JCAHO accredited facility like Beaches Recovery in Florida, Centene Corporation for drug rehab can be a great option to pay for treatment. One of the leading barriers to seeking treatment for those suffering from addiction can be how to pay for treatment. When you have health insurance, you have options.

Going through the detox process and then proceeding into rehab treatment is a necessary part to overcoming addiction and living a sober lifestyle. Continuing to abuse drugs or alcohol can have many physical and mental ramifications, so it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. These ramifications begin quite quickly, which is why it is very difficult for most substance abusers to quit by themselves. When you decide to use your Centene Corporation health plan for drug rehab, the first step to take is to check with both the rehab facility you have chosen and your insurance company.

Two of the top fears for those suffering from addiction are how to pay for treatment and fear of withdrawal symptoms. While medical detox can allay the fears of those who are experiencing withdrawal, using health insurance to pay for rehab costs can allay the other fear of not having enough money. Fortunately, Beaches Recovery offers the full range of treatment services, from inpatient residential down to general outpatient. You can easily find the treatment program that fits your needs, level of addiction, lifestyle and insurance coverage.

What Services Might Centene Corporation for Drug Rehab Cover?

Even though the Affordable Care Act may not cover absolutely everything when it comes to addiction treatment, chances are it covers many of the quality programs at Beaches Recovery. Depending on your level of addiction, there is a good chance that you may need detox before embarking on a treatment and recovery program. Beaches Recovery works with a partner detox facility in Jacksonville to help our patients get this necessary treatment. Detox is only the beginning to a successful recovery, however, and the majority of the work is yet to come.

Beaches Recovery believes in the importance of dynamic and personalized treatment programs that meet the individual needs of those suffering from addiction. Unlike many other diseases, addiction is one that is very unique to the individual, that is, no two addiction cases are exactly the same. Because of this uniqueness, it’s important that treatment not be generalized, but instead highly personalized to individual patients. For that reason, Beaches Recovery combines evidence-based methods with experiential solutions like art, music, and equine therapy.

Take the first step to beating addiction today and call Beaches Recovery at 8666050532 for more information and insurance verification. A lasting recovery can only come from professional treatment in a caring facility.