Beaches Recovery Staff Jill GrayJill Gray, MA, LMHC, EMDR
Trauma Therapist
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

With almost ten years’ experience in addiction treatment, Jill has served as Trauma Therapist at Beaches Recovery since 2015. She conducts groups for men and women, as well as individual therapy.

Jill uses education about trauma and addiction to help clients in the recovery process. Through her groups, she provides clients with space to tell their story, gain empathy and trust. “It gives them a voice and speaks to their experiences,” says Jill.

With a certification in EMDR, Jill uses this modality when clients are stuck with trauma and PTSD symptoms. She is body mindful driven and is able to connect with clients beyond talk therapy.

“The thing that’s different about Beaches Recovery is that everyone here, from the technicians to the clinical director, truly care about what happens to clients when they leave. I love seeing our alumni come back to lead meetings at Beaches,” says Jill. “As you hear from many people at Beaches, it’s not a job. It’s a passion.”

Jill holds a B.A. from the University of Florida at Jacksonville and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Argosy University in Tampa.

Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Jill is busy with her toddler and getting ready to have another baby soon. Conscious of her health and fitness, she enjoys exercise, yoga and weightlifting.

Beaches Recovery Staff Spencer Finchem

Spencer Finchem, RMHCI
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Spencer Finchem is a utilization review specialist with Beaches Recovery, LLC. After struggling with the powerful disease of addiction, Spencer has been in recovery and has been helping others maintain a sober and healthy lifestyle. He believes all clients can engage in a life of recovery with encouragement, support, and knowledge of the disease of addiction.

His motivation for working in this field is to help others positively change their lives, as others once helped him. In his free time, Spencer enjoys golf, running, and competitive online gaming.

Spencer Finchem earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The University of North Florida.


Client Care

Addiction Medicine Specialist
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Dr. John Tanner, DO is an addiction medicine specialist in Jacksonville Beach, FL and has been practicing for 35 years. He graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1983 and specializes in addiction medicine, addiction psychiatry, and more. Dr. Tanner believes in a holistic approach that includes a healthy lifestyle, even though his focus and practice is on addictive and behavioral health care. He believes that he must listen to his patient and understand what they want that he has to offer. As an educator of physicians, Dr. Tanner believes that patients will benefit from being educated about the brain disorder that afflicts them so that they are better motivated to achieve their true goals in life. Dr. Tanner is Board Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, one of 233 Fellows of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry for the University of Florida College of Medicine and serves on the Board of Directors for both the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine. One of Dr. Tanner’s passions is training and educating physicians on the topics related to addictions and behavioral health. He is a very sought out speaker and travels often to provide his expertise, experience and research regarding addiction medicine.

Robert D. Maresh, MD
Medical Director & Psychiatrist
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Dr. Maresh is a board certified psychiatrist who attended medical school at Texas A&M University. He completed his general psychiatry residency, a fellowship in substance abuse, and a fellowship in psychoanalysis at Tulane Medical Center.

Dr. Maresh was an assistant professor of Psychiatry at Tulane Medical School for 14 years. He worked full time at the VA Hospital of New Orleans for 16 ½ years where he ran the Methodone Clinic for 2 years, The Dual Diagnosis Outpatient Clinic for 11 years, and the PTSD inpatient program for 2 years. At Tulane Medical Center, Dr. Maresh specialized in treating patients with borderline personality and dissociative identity disorders using long term psychotherapy.

Dr. Maresh believes that not all people who abuse drugs or alcohol are the same. Some started abusing substances to have fun with their friends while others to lessen their untreated anxiety, problems, depression, or mania. Some have a history of trauma and use substances to forget or not feel. Dr. Maresh believes that most of our patients are more mentally healthy than they think they are. Anyone can get addicted to drugs or alcohol, and anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol can get sober if he or she is willing to do the work.

tracey fisher director of operations at beaches recovery

Tracey Fisher
Director of Operations
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Tracey has worked at Beaches Recovery since 2017. While she now serves as Director of Operations at Tides Edge Detox, she has served in a variety of roles, including administrative assistant and Assistant Director of Operations at Beaches Recovery.

Tracey understands how important it is for individuals in early recovery to build a strong foundation in turn focusing on ensuring effective support for the facility’s mission. She is committed and energized about making a difference in the lives of the people that come to treatment.

Tracey also enjoys working in the community as it allows her the opportunity to serve the community by giving, empowering, and helping those who cannot help themselves. In addition to working in operations, Tracey also has a strong connection to the recovery community here in Jacksonville.

kathleen dougherty director of nursing tides edge recovery

Kathleen Dougherty, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing
Tides Edge Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Kathleen has over 23 years experience in nursing. She graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has over 4 years in caring for patients with mental health issues and substance abuse.

Kathleen is dedicated to making sure all the patients receive excellent care during the detox and residential phase of their treatment. She feels she can accomplish this goal by having compassionate, empathetic, and competent nurses to provide nursing care around the clock to patients who are receiving care at Tides Edge.

Kathleen is a team player and while she deals with the administrative side of being a director, she is still directly involved with patient care as well, to make sure each patient is satisfied and receiving the best possible care.

Beaches Recovery Staff Theressa Holton

Theressa Holton
Client Care Coordinator 
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Theressa has worked at Beaches Recovery almost since the first day it opened. While she now serves as Client Care Coordinator, Theressa has served in a variety of roles, including house manager, assistant director of facilities, facilities manager. She enjoys her work in the Client Care department because it provides her with opportunities to make positive impact on the clients. She is known for building strong relationships with the clients while they are at Beaches and also with keeping in contact and supporting clients as they transition into their new life of recovery. Theressa’s positive attitude, encouragement and continued support have impacted many lives.

In addition to working in admission, Theressa has also built the alumni program into a connected and active group. She is regularly in contact with past clients and encourages them to return and chair meetings at Beaches Recovery. She is also an active and contributing member of the Jacksonville recovery community and is often seen at community events. Once a month she goes camping with current clients and also accompanies them to meetings out in the community.

“I’m happy that clients can see me as another woman in recovery. They can look me in the eye and say, me too,” says Theressa.

Theressa is a Certified Smart Recovery Facilitator.

She was born and raised in Jacksonville, is an avid camper and sun worshiper.

monique acevedo client center coordinator at beaches recovery

Monique Acevedo
Assistant Director of Operations
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Monique is the Assistant Director of Operations for Beaches Recovery Services. Previously she has worked in support roles that included receptionist, driver, tech, and alumni support. Her role at Beaches places her in the day-to-day activities of directing resources to patients’ needs. She comes to her position after firsthand experience in her own life with drug and alcohol addiction and freely shares with the clients her own pitfalls and successes on the road to recovery. She knows that recovery is a daily journey that requires the support of other people and reliance on a Higher Power. She is one of the first people that new clients meet at Beaches and provides for a friendly segue into treatment programs. Clients know that she will always support them in their journey to recovery.

Monique has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Theology. Her work in theology helped her build a world view that understands brokenness as part of the human condition and often manifests itself in drug and alcohol addiction. In addition, Monique is a Smart Recovery Facilitator and a certified Life Coach.

Monique enjoys time with her Pug, Linus, walks on the beach, reading in multiple disciplines, and spending time with her family, both in Florida and North Carolina.

Christopher Colcord

Christopher Colcord
Director of Outreach Services
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Christopher has worked for Beaches Recovery for over four years. He currently serves as the Director of Outreach Services. His previous experience includes Lead Behavioral Technician, House Manager, Facilities Manager, and Assistant Director of the Adventure Program. He enjoys working in community outreach because it allows him to connect with a variety of people that need help and gets to assist each individual patient in finding their unique fit for a successful recovery journey. “We are all different. Therefore, our solutions look different.”

He has strong relationships throughout the recovery community and is an active member of many of the local recovery-based fellowships. His own life experiences allow him an uncanny ability to connect with clients and their families and serves as his passion in helping others recover from mental health and addiction. “My goal is to set people up for success in taking back their life and finding freedom in living sober.”

Christopher is also a certified event interventionist. He helps addicts and their families with the vital, sometimes difficult decision to enter treatment. “I personally know how hard it can be to adjust from only knowing a life of substance abuse to learning how to be of sober mind.” His goal is to make this transition as easy as possible for the client, their families, and friends.

Case Managers

Beaches Recovery Staff Sharon Thomas-Ray

Sharon Y. Thomas-Ray, B.S.
Lead Case Manager
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Sharon Thomas-Ray is a Lead Case Manager with Beaches Recovery. At Beaches, we understand that being in a new environment and meeting new people can be stressful. As a Lead Case Manager, Sharon is among the first people that our clients meet upon arrival. She works with individuals to create their very own road map to recovery, introduces them to our highly qualified team of experts and continues to work them with right through completion of their recovery program. Case managers often serve as a liaison between clients and families, as well.

Sharon has been working in the field of addictions since 2000. Her roles have included intake worker in both a treatment and methadone center setting as well as support staff in a detox center. Sharon also worked as a drug court counselor, conducting groups and preparing reports for the court.

Sharon states “There is such a heartwarming satisfaction that comes from watching an individual fully grasp the concept of recovery and living a new healthy lifestyle.” On a personal note, as a local to the area, Sharon enjoys taking full advantage of Florida’s beach life.

Sharon earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with a concentration in Addiction Studies from Springfield College and a Medical Assistant Certificate from Concorde Vocational School of Medical Assisting.


Outdoor Therapeutic Adventure Program

Beaches Recovery Staff Scott CretulScott Cretul, B.S.
Outdoor Therapeutic Adventure Program Director
Beaches Recovery Services, LLC
Healing begins here.

Scott Cretul is the Outdoor Therapeutic Adventure Program Director at Beaches Recovery. He brings his enthusiasm for the outdoors combined with his dedication to the recovery field to this unique program. As a part of Beaches’ holistic approach to healing, clients enjoy trips to the beach and wilderness for recreational activities including surfing, fishing, hiking, and camping. These unique opportunities offer new ways to have fun and explore a healthy and active lifestyle.

Scott’s goal is to get our clients to engage in new experiences and to find something they can become passionate about.  “Once they catch their first fish, they are truly excited and are immediately asking when they can come back and do it again.  Florida is one of the best locations in the world for fishing.  I love to teach our clients to surf and to stand up on a wave for their first time. In these moments, I catch glimpses of real smiles, that reflect true happiness and accomplishment. When I take a group out camping, it gives them a chance to connect with the wilderness.  There is a healing power in nature. I’m committed to helping our clients see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle in mind, body, and spirit.” On a personal note, in his free time, Scott enjoys surfing, fishing, and water photography and is active in the recovery community.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from the University of North Florida.  He is a certified Wilderness First Responder and Clinical First Responder.  He holds American Red Cross certifications in CPR and Water Rescue.