Addiction is a relentless, recurring disease. Even after quitting, the pull toward drugs and alcohol can remain strong. In fact, the NIDA found that 40 to 60 percent of rehab patients will fall off the wagon. Getting ample long-term support is vital to staying clean and sober. That’s where the SMART Recovery program comes in. Founded in 1992, the Self-Management and Recovery Training approach has taught millions how to resist urges. In Jacksonville, Beaches Recovery is a trusted center using the SMART style to empower clients for success. Our experienced therapists will create personalized treatments to get you on the road to healing.

Stages to the SMART Recovery Program

Smiling close up of woman in SMART recovery program at BeachesSMART Recovery has four broad points rooted in science to stop addictive behaviors. Each stage is completed in any order based on your unique needs. First, SMART meetings encourage self-motivation. Here you’ll outline your life goals and priorities. The hope is you’ll discover that the pros of using drugs don’t outweigh the cons. Building dedication helps roll into another point, which is coping with cravings. Our counselors will arm you with easy tactics to avoid triggers. Learning to distract your mind with positive, logical thoughts is pivotal here.

Next, the program’s third point addresses your innermost feelings. Our Beaches Recovery staff offer a calm, respectful setting to unleash past hurts and secrets with no judgment. The purpose here is to determine what caused the addiction and to prevent relapse. Coming to forgive yourself and accept your most accurate emotions is needed to complete this point. Lastly, the SMART Recovery program teaches you how to live a balanced life. You’ll fill out a change plan worksheet to inventory the steps you must take. Here our counselors offer supportive tips to keep you on track.

SMART Recovery Program vs. 12 Step Approaches

Everyone has likely heard of the 12 step recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s easy to get them confused with SMART Recovery because both have a series of tasks. However, there are significant differences between them. The biggest one is the use of faith and a higher power. The 12 steps usually begin with welcoming God or a higher power into addiction treatment. Divine awakening through prayer and meditation is emphasized. Whether you’re religious or an atheist, SMART Recovery is ideal for focusing more on emotional than spiritual. You learn to take control of your life instead of submitting wholly to God’s will.

Another notable change in the SMART Recovery handbook is open, comfortable conversation. Unlike 12 step programs, clients talk freely without waiting their turn. Shyer people can avoid being singled out in the spotlight and pressured to spill. Also, the 12 step programs segregate groups for alcohol, narcotics, heroin, and so on. The SMART style invites diversity by forming groups of individuals facing different addictions. This approach never labels anyone an “addict” to avoid shame. One final difference is that the SMART Recovery program fosters personal growth without relying on sponsors.

Benefits of Choosing the SMART Recovery Program

Self-Management and Recovery Training can be perfect for turning destructive thoughts into fuel for lasting abstinence. It’s all about building self-esteem and self-reliance to control substance use long-term. Moreover, treatment is flexible, and you choose at which focal point to begin. Skilled therapists will give you real-world tools to maintain healthy habits. Some can even prescribe medication to fight co occurring disorders. The method is based on addiction science research for the highest chance of victory. Joining a SMART Recovery program prevents getting lost or lonely after rehab. Bonds forged during treatment often extend beyond clients’ SMART graduation too.

Get and Stay Sober at Beaches Recovery

Don’t endure the battle against addiction alone. Beaches Recovery is a leading East Coast NAMI member accredited by The Joint Commission to help clients stop using. Our non 12 step approach rehab center in FL may use the SMART Recovery strategies. We customize holistic treatment plans with multiple services, including:

Take charge and release addiction’s heavy hold on your life. Our superior treatment facility in Jacksonville can teach you how to effectively abstain from any substance. Contact Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 to reserve your spot in our SMART Recovery program.